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          Ang lee is fillini???

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              25. Asia singer cat nguyen

              26. random vietnam pics

              28. Third victim of Boston marathon bombing named by her devastated father in China as 23-year-old Lü Lingzi
                She was an only child whose parents were immensely proud she was able to study in America
                The graduate student at Boston University, from Shenyang in north-east China, was at the race with two friends
                Her social media accounts reveal her to be an enthusiast; a dog-loving foodie who enjoyed cooking and eating out
                One friend, Zhou Danling, was badly injured in the attack – although she has reportedly regained consciousness
                The other two fatalities are eight-year-old Martin Richard and 29-year-old restaurant manager Krystle Campbell
                Series of candlelit vigils held throughout the city and beyond as hundreds of people honor the dead and injured
                Investigators sift through 2,000 tips as FBI says Saudi ‘person of interest’ has been ruled out
                Authorities say Boston commuters will be subject to random searches as transport chiefs help FBI investigation

              29. David Tran’s company, Huy Fong Foods Inc., is moving to a $40-million, 655,000-square-foot facility in Irwindale that could triple its production capacity. (Gina Ferazzi, Los Angeles Times / March 25, 2013)

                By Frank Shyong, Los Angeles Times

                April 12, 2013, 11:56 p.m.



                The gig: David Tran, 68, founded hot sauce company Huy Fong Foods Inc. in Chinatown in 1980 and a few years later introduced Sriracha sauce to the U.S.


                His Sriracha, a version of a hot sauce originating in Si Racha, Thailand, quickly spread through the San Gabriel Valley and eventually the nation. The fiery red concoction in the clear bottle with the distinctive green cap and rooster logo has since gone mainstream: Google “Sriracha” and you’ll find such things as cookbooks, water bottles, iPhone cases and T-shirts.

                Huy Fong Foods, which is still privately owned, sold more than $60 million worth of sauce last year, office manager Donna Lam said.

                Refugee: When North Vietnam’s communists took power in South Vietnam, Tran, a major in the South Vietnamese army, fled with his family to the U.S. After settling in Los Angeles, Tran couldn’t find a job — or a hot sauce to his liking.

                So he made his own by hand in a bucket, bottled it and drove it to customers in a van. He named his company Huy Fong Foods after the Taiwanese freighter that carried him out of Vietnam.

                Packing heat: Early on, one of Tran’s packaging suppliers told him, “Your product is too spicy. How can you sell it?” Add a tomato base, some friends counseled. Sweeten the flavor to pair it better with chicken, others said. But Tran stood firm.

                “Hot sauce must be hot. If you don’t like it hot, use less,” he said. “We don’t make mayonnaise here.”

                Pricing it right: Tran had just one guiding business principle: “Make a rich man’s sauce at a poor man’s price.” In more than two decades of operation, Tran has kept the wholesale price of his sauce constant, but he would not disclose it. A 28-ounce bottle goes for about $4, depending on the retailer.

                “My American dream was never to become a billionaire,” Tran said. “We started this because we like fresh, spicy chili sauce.”

                That means cranking up the chili content of each bottle and making sure each pepper is as hot as possible, Tran said. As the company grew, Huy Fong Foods developed a relationship with a supplier in Ventura County and carefully monitored the entire growing process from seed to harvest.

                Now, each chili is processed within a day of harvesting to ensure peak spiciness.

                Production strained: In 2007, the company oversold its sauces and ran out of the peppers with three months left in the year. Stores marked up their prices and many started to hoard the sauce, Lam said.

                Under immense pressure from customers, Tran considered his possibilities. He could buy supermarket jalapenos, but that left no way to predict the heat of the sauce. Brined peppers were also out of the question — who knew how those had been grown?

                So, Huy Fong Foods went to each of its customers and asked them to wait — and they did. “We didn’t lose any customers,” Lam said.

                Now the company sets a monthly production quota for each sauce. Every bottle of sauce produced already has been sold, Lam said.

                Competition: The popularity of Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha sauce has spurred many copycats and competitors. Because the sauce is named for the Thai city, the company cannot trademark the name.

                Roland Foods in New York makes its own variety, Sriracha Chili Sauce, in a similarly shaped yellow-capped bottle featuring two dragons instead of a rooster. Frito-Lay is testing a Sriracha-flavored potato chip, and Subway is experimenting with a creamy Sriracha sauce for sandwiches.

                But Tran said he’s not bothered by the fact that others are trying to capitalize on the market his sauce created.

                “We just do our own thing and try to keep the price low,” Tran said.

                Revenue grows about 20% a year even with all the competition. Huy Fong Foods has never spent a dollar on advertising.

                Family business: Tran has no interest in branching out beyond making Sriracha and two other hot sauces, Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek. All the Sriracha-branded products online are made by others. He spends hours Googling “Sriracha” and chuckling over fans’ creations.

                He’s turned down multiple lucrative offers to sell his company, fearing his vision would be compromised.

                “This company, she is like a loved one to me, like family. Why would I share my loved one with someone else?” Tran said.

                He intends to keep it a family business: His son is the president, and his daughter is vice president.

                He has repeatedly rejected pleas to sell stock in the company and turned down financiers who offer him money to increase production significantly.

                “If our product is still welcomed by the customer, then we will keep growing,” Tran said.

                New quarters: Huy Fong Foods has operated out of two buildings in Rosemead since the late 1980s, but it’s moving to a $40-million, 655,000-square-foot factory and headquarters in Irwindale that could triple its production capacity. The company expects to complete the transition by June.

                “Who knows where the company will go? We just always try to make the best sauce possible,” Tran said.

                Getting personal: Tran and his wife, Ada, live in Arcadia. They have two children.



              30. Eddie Kim

                Friends: I’m looking for great, high energy music to feature in my new show, ROLL MODELS! If you are an artist that owns 100% of your own music and wants to have it featured on this show, please contact me!

              31. KoreAm Journal

                Pic of the Day: Pitch Perfect’s Hana Mae Lee Wears Cigarette Butt Hat at MTV Movie Awards | Source:

              32. Asia Trend Magazine

                Eddie Huang, host of the Fresh off the Boat series and author of the newly released (also titled) Fresh Off The Boat memoir, recently visited his alma mater Rollins College on Tuesday March 19, 2013 for a “reading” of his new book.


                Like Asia Trend Magazine for more awesome news!

              34. Gwen Uyen Nguyen

                +1042 OneVietnam Network Founder


                Vietnamese women dominate applications to #business schools #women #mba

                If you want to get into business school, be a young Australian physicist

                The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) just released two reports (pdfs here and here) on who exactly is taking the GMAT, the make-or-break exam for admission into business schools worldwide—and its findings should relieve business school administrators. While the last few years have seen around the same number of test-takers 28,000 more people took the… – Gwynn Guilford

              35. Gwen Uyen Nguyen



                The most famous Vietnamese character on American TV right now is probably Lily Tucker-Pritchett from Modern Family. She was born in Vietnam was adopted by gay parents, Mitchell and Cameron. Here’s a a scene from the last episode. #pho #entertainment

              40. Helly Tống

                Trong bộ hình này ghê !! — with Hi Won and Đông Phong.

              41. Our sister publication, NAILS Magazine, is launching a reality TV-inspired nail art contest looking for the NAILS Next Top Nail Artist, and you could be it!

                Aside from uploading three to 10 nail art photos of your best work in the online application, it also requires a three- to four-minute video of yourself answering the question: Why are you NAILS Next Top Nail Artist? That’s where things get interesting. As part of the weekly elimination challenges that require uploading photos of your amazing nail art, some challenges may require you to upload videos or to use various aspects of social media. The great thing about this is you get to design and create in the comfort of your own home/salon without having to spend money on air travel or hotel.

                The top 16 will be chosen on May 31st based on the applications. The top eight will compete in weekly elimination challenges starting on September 14th. The top two finalists will be flown in, airfare (up to $500) and two-night stay paid for by NAILS, to attend ISSE Long Beach 2014 and compete in a live finale! The winner will be announced at the beauty show and will win a $2,000 cash prize.

                This is no ordinary nail art contest. Some dedication and time commitment will be necessary to complete the weekly challenges as well as working knowledge of social media and knowing your way around a camera/video camera. If you’re an awesome artist but don’t know much about technology, don’t let this stop you! The editors and I would be more than happy to help with any video or photographing tips.

                This contest is set for licensed nail techs who are not currently working as an educator for any nail companies. You do qualify if you have been an educator in the past. International nail artists can apply as well!

                I hope this contest will bring forth some great artists. I also hope there will be at least a couple competitors of Vietnamese descent. Although Vietnamese nail techs make up nearly half of the nail industry in the U.S., I can only count a handful of competitors past and present (Trang Nguyen, Joseph Pham, Amy Oung, Robert Nguyen, Vu Nguyen, Trina Ngo, Christine Tran).

                Complete the online application by Apr. 27. If you register by Apr. 12 you will be automatically entered into an early bird raffle.

                Visit for more information and e-mail if you have any questions. Or leave your questions in the comment section and I will find the answers for you.

                Let me know if you’re interested, the Next Top Nail Artist could be you!

                — Kim

              44. Matthew Nguyen-Truong



                To all my avid readers who have used up countless minutes in reading what I have to say. Seriously, even after 5+ years, I still can’t believe it.

              45. thao: in the past year I started feeling the desire to be an active part of my life, instead of just watching it pass by. I wanted to try to actually be a real live person, rather than just singing songs about them.

              46. “Cesar Cipriano About Tokyo Drift… Lin wanted Sung Kang in the lead. But execs refused to have an Asian in the lead. So that was one of MANY compromises he had to make. Bow bow’s role was supposed to be Asian as well (I remember auditioning for it). Think about it, kid gets bullied, gets in trouble, and is forced to move in with his down and out father in JAPAN. Why is a down and our white guy living in the most expensive country in Asia??? Hollywood.”
              47. “Asian: I’m Asian, of course all I care about is money.”
              48. “war is the only place where 2 men can love each other w/out other meanings – director of repoestro”
              49. “‘the realities of war is NOT that you might DIE in war, is that you are GUARANTEED to lose your brother in war. now i know that about war, I AM NEVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN’ – sebatian junger, director of restepro”
              50. pic: justin lin and roger ebert





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  1. John Cho and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are both 40.

  2. Lanly Le: “In my opinion, a good photo is one that is well-composed and exposed. It is just…nice. It’s over-looked. A great one is the image that makes you do a double-take. It is compelling, hypnotizing. It can change your mind and expand your horizons on beauty.”

  3. Neaato Org
    of course filipinos come up w/ this idea. flag turned into bball jersey Wella Angeles

  4. Wella Angeles

  5. congrats to Caroline Kieu Linh Valverde for getting tenure. she fought the system for all minorities and woman. modern day MLK. #fightthepower
  6. k, so finally saw spring breakers and here was review, no spoilers: PROS: well shot, good art department/attention detail, instagram filters/neon colors, ski masks, black light glow in dark stuff, well done. franco was ok, thug accent went in n out. CONS: right away characters are annoying, like watching 4 alexandra wallaces on spring break. right away if anything bad happens to them, you wouldn’t care anyways. cliche having FAITH the religious character. also they should have made point that making fun of religion is same as making fun of spring breakers, both rituals where u ‘lose urself’. but they really didn’t put those 2 together. the characters like is said before u didn’t even care about, so u had no feeling of happiness or sorrow for them. the plot was very simple and comes at like, the last third of the flick and solved really really fast. the ending is really bad, like a baaaad scarface for teenboppers film. the director like judd apatow showed his wife’s bewbs waaay too much for no reason, probably giving wife excuse to give them more screen time. 3rd character didnt even have character. franco was the main character but you didn’t even go too deep into him either. the broll of spring break was same shots over and over. no acting needed for gucci mane since scenes too short. again didn’t feel anything for his character either. it was basically a very long well done vimeo music video, which i believe was his goal, so he did accomplish that. but as a deeper film not really. it had potential tho! ppl who like spring break and clubbing and scarface will like this. if u find spring breakers and girls gone wild annoying then might not be for you lol
    1. is this in vietnam? haircut places in nam like coffeeshops in OC? lol #aodaicleave

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    2. The first female policewomen of the task force
      VietNamNet Bridge – They are only 20-23 years old, beautiful, good at martial arts, proficiency in using a variety of guns. That is the portrait of the first 32 female policewomen of the task force of Vietnam, which are being trained in the task force battalion No. 1 of the High Command of Mobile Police in Hanoi.

      “Here, girls are trained like boys. We have to wake up at 5am and go to the drill ground at 7am, run 4km on the morning and in the afternoon. Every morning we run from 800 – 1,000 m around the yard. It is the warm-up exercise for a day of members of the task force. The only difference with boys is our course extended by a half,” said Mai Thu Trang, 21, from Son La province

      1. Christine Ha – MasterChef 3
        In a traditional Vietnamese dress (ao dai) for a press conference.

      2. Just downloaded

        Erin Li’s short HERE:     I don’t get why more filmmakers don’t make their films avail. I would have gladly paid $5, even better if free because free promotion. PROPS TO ERIN.


        Sundance film to boot!

        Did you want to see TO THE BONE but couldn’t make it out to Slamdance Film Festival in Park City this year? Now is your chance! For a limited time, you can obtain a free download of the film.

        What people are saying about TO THE BONE:

        “With staunch, dedicated performances from everyone in this small cast and beautifully-shot scenes that tell much more than eight minutes worth of a story, To The Bone is definitely not a film to miss.” – Slug Magazine

        Beautifully craftedan exquisitely-executed, tragic tale of the sacrifices that such families endure in order to survive.” – The What It Do (Sundance Film Festival 2013 Recap: Directors to Watch)

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      4. Director Kim Nguyen’s Movie ‘War Witch’ Nominated for Oscars

        One of the nine films shortlisted for the Oscars’ foreign film category in 2013 is “War Witch” by Kim Nguyen. Nguyen was born and raised in Canada, the French-speaking region. “War Witch” not only won best film at the Tribeca Film Board Film Festival, where 15-year-old Rachel Mwanza also won the Best Actor at the Berlin Film Festival.

        Born to a Vietnamese father and a Canadian mother, Nguyen grew in North America, but the film “War Witch” originated from the story the director read about two twins in Burma, Johnny and Luther, who led the resistance against the military government. Film begins with a baby girl conscripted as a child soldier in Africa. She was 12 years old, and was forced to kill her parents and join the rebels fighting against the government.

        But Komona was not the normal type of soldier. Due to her ability to see ghosts who warned her of enemies’ approaching, she managed to avoid capture and was considered a witch and became the supreme leader of the rebels and given the title War Witch. Fighting along with her is an albino boy named Magician.

      5. Ao dai on the streets of Saigon half a century ago Images of the graceful ao dai on the streets of Saigon over the past half century ago has been archived by the famous magazine Life of the USA.

        The pictures were taken in 1961 in Sai Gon. They portray the beauty of Vietnamese women and the Vietnamese traditional gowns in daily life.

      6. Oscars 2013: Montreal filmmaker Kim Nguyen worries about tripping, ripping pants The Star spoke with Quebec filmmaker Kim Nguyen, nominated for best foreign language film, about his upcoming night at the Oscars. Text size: Increase Decrease Reset
        Graham Hughes / THE CANADIAN PRESS

        “I will have a speech ready but I’m scared of jinxing it,” says director Kim Nguyen.

        By: Bruce DeMara Entertainment Reporter, Published on Thu Feb 21 2013Kim Nguyen is a Montreal-based screenwriter and director, born and raised in Amqui, Quebec. His father is Vietnamese and his mother is Quebecoise. Oscar nominee Rebelle (War Witch), which has also been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, is his fourth feature length film. The script for the film was in the works for 10 years.

        Q: What was special about this project to you?

        A: On a personal level, it was a breakthrough film for me, for my inner barriers mostly. It was about going to the zone and not compromising on authenticity. I feel that this is the closest I’ve gotten to being completely authentic in a film and I’m grateful.

        Q: Have you written your speech and what will it say?

        Photos View gallery

        A: I will have a speech ready but I’m scared of jinxing it. So I’m going to write the speech because everybody’s telling me, ‘You’re going to look like an idiot if you don’t,’ but I’m going to do that a little later. Because people are putting in their votes until the 19th (of February) so I think I’ll write it on the 20th.

        Q: Who are you taking to the Oscars as your guest?

        A: The person who’s going to be sitting beside me is my girlfriend and lovely wife, Catherine Laferriere-Faubert. My daughter’s coming with us as well but she’s not going to be on the red carpet.

        Q: What is your biggest Oscar fear?

        A: To trip on the stairs. Can I give two answers? I have big, thick, ham-like thighs and now the trend is for really, really skinny pants. I feel sometimes that if I bend down to pick up anything, they’ll just rip. So tripping and ripping my pants as a result of the trendy very narrow pants.

      7. yao ming x jeremy lin

      8. Black Scale x Fool’s Gold “Illegal” Snapbacks
        from Hypebeast by Arthur Bray

      9. Glenn’s romance with Maggie has made him a heartthrob among a certain set — at Comic-Con International in San Diego in July last year, more than one middle-school-age girl nervously professed her affection for Yeun during the panel devoted to the series.

        “It’s flattering and it’s cool,” Yeun said. “It’s also cool to represent that as an Asian male too. I embrace that.”


        improv. Chicago turned out to be an important launching pad, with Yeun finding success at legendary improv comedy hot spot Second City. In October 2009, he moved to Los Angeles to try to make it as an actor.

        Five months later, he landed the role of Glenn, a sweet-natured former pizza delivery driver who is faced with difficult choices and strained loyalties in an unforgiving world — and that’s before he falls in love with a resourceful Southern belle.

        An actor with an improv comedy background might not have been an obvious choice for the role, but “Walking Dead” executive producer Robert Kirkman, who created the popular comic book on which the show is based, said the lightness of Yeun’s spirit does inform the character of the show.

        “His character is essential in keeping [the series] from being the unrelenting depressing thing that it definitely has the potential to be,” he said. “Anything upbeat or uplifting usually comes from that character. I also think that Glenn’s relationship with Maggie is one of the clearest senses of hope that you get from the story.

      11. “It’s a heavy season for everyone,” Yeun said. “But for Glenn, I love that they’re continuing to grow a character. They’re continuing to have him complete his arc, to keep that trajectory. He starts being self-aware and realizing that it’s not just about living for yourself, it’s also about living for the people you love, and when you love somebody, that really opens you up.”

      12. first time yao looked up

      13. whoa, coming to america shirts. one of the best films ever RT@mreddiehuang FUCK YEAH @sportswag @cruziiie

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      14. A vietnamese man
        A vietnamese man with a tatoo covering his back hangs out along Ho Tay (west lake), Hanoi, Vietnam

        © Francis Roux / NOI Pictures with a tatoo covering his back hangs out along Ho Tay (west lake), Hanoi, Vietnam

        © Francis Roux / NOI Pictures

      15. Concrete statue of a chicken in Lang Ga, Vietnam, Asia

        © Khanh Xiu Tran / NOI Pictures

      16. Young vietnamese man standing on a tiny boarding in west lake by sunset. Hanoi, Vietnam, Asia

        © Francis Roux / NOI Pictures

      17. Tire repair shop along a sidewalk. Vietnam, Asia

        © Nic Jacka / NOI Pictures
        Tire repair shop along a sidewalk. Vietnam, Asia

        © Nic Jacka / NOI Pictures

      18. Rapper and producer Right-D from the group LSD Hood, here in his house in Botataung township, Yangon.

        © Raphael Olivier / NOI Pictures

      19. skate or die A Kid carries a wooden roller board in Da Lat, Vietnam, Asia

        © Sébastien Löffler / NOI Pictures

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      23. if von teese has implant, how come look so real and more girls dont get same?

        • Caroline: i think the technique is when after surgery, wrap from the top of the breast to push it down so there will be a slight hang of the breasts to give it the natural look. it’s not more expensive to do this. but for some reason, either women who go under the knife don’t know better or their surgeons assume all women want the headlights/basketball look, docs wrap right on top of the boobs not allowing for the natural hang.

      24. Hồng Thuận
        em đi trong gió thoảng… mùa xuân về ngất ngây… — at Hội Tết Sinh Viên .

      25. Ji Yeo Examines Beauty Via Post Plastic Surgery Photographs from BEAUTIFUL/DECAY MAGAZINE by Ryan De La Hoz. Originally from Seoul, Korea Ji Yeo now resides in Rhode Island. From 2009 – 2012 she worked on an extensive photography project entitled The Beauty in which she documented numerous women in Seoul, Korea immediately after they had undergone plastic surgery. With a sensitive demeanor Yeo highlights an aspect of our current culture that has become increasingly commonplace. Ji explains that “…Beauty is integral to human nature, and people find beauty in the most difficult circumstances, during emotional chaos and disorder, within social taboos and the breaking of such taboos and even in the face of death. My work focuses on ideas of “beauty” in contemporary culture, specifically in how women in our culture come to define and enforce an ideal of beauty on themselves…”
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tawainese special: jeremy lin at sundance pics and eddie huang’s new book fresh off the boat

    1. Dennis Hong
      coolest kids on the block. kbye! — with Tiffany Spiffany.

    2. Suboi
      Suboi – “Talk to me”

    3. back of fresh of the boat by eddie huang book. #bourdain

    4. Neaato Org
      Eddie huangs fresh off the.boat audio cd..gonna.listen now.

    5. Linsanity: the Movie
      #linsanity #parkcity #snow #linsanitythemovie #sundance

    6. my cousin Jennipho made this

    1. my cousin made this:

      Sneak peek at what’s to come ;)

    2. high expectations azn father on the bachelor

    3. Jeremy Lin
      AWESOME team win tonight…so fun to be a part of!! Dont ask me what im doin…haha. And James Hardens dunk?!?

    4. big bang x simpsons

    5. Frankie Magazine
      ohara hale combines two of our favourite things: cats and carb-laden food. click here to see her full range of tasty kitties, including sushi cat and chips-n-gravy cat.

    6. azns dont like cameras, they love it

    1. Sundance 2013, Pt. 7: (Re)Connecting the Field”

      The 2013 Sundance Film Festival is over and OUT! And for me and my road-trip partner, we couldn’t have picked a more opportune time to leave. The cloudless, sunny ski resort town we found when we arrived the first weekend gave way to wet, snowy weather the last half of the festival, by which time we were back in L.A. debriefing on our experiences, and for me, dealing with a persistent itching due to the very dry weather we encountered while there. News reports indicated that because of an inversion layer that clouded over Salt Lake City where I was staying the whole time, the air quality was pretty bad (unhealthy) for everyone all around. I’ve been back now, and I’m paying for it with redness on my arms and elbows, the likes of which I haven’t experienced before. And I hate it. A lot.

      Because I wasn’t here a long time (only four screening days in total), my screening schedule was very compressed into a little more than three days, during which I snuck in a mere dozen films. Oh sure, there were the films I made time to see in relationship to their being made by folks of Asian Pacific descent (A RIVER CHANGES COURSE; WHEN I WALK; LINSANITY; ANITA; PIT STOP) and works from different Asian countries that piqued my interest (JISEUL; METRO MANILA; SALMA; WAJMA – AN AFGHAN LOVE STORY; WHAT THEY DON’T TALK ABOUT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT LOVE). There were other films that I made time for, just to see what non-Asian folks of color are doing (FRUITVALE was a favorite that I came around to late), while I was left to ponder the “what-ifs” of high-profile debuts that just missed the mark for me (Park Chan-wook’s STOKER, sabotaged by a lazy, error-laden screenplay). And for the brief time I ventured up the hill to sneak my way into Slamdance Film Festival offerings, I found myself well-rewarded, if distinctly sight-challenged for the uniquely ghetto-styled screening rooms built out of two motel banquet rooms.

      MORE HERE:

    2. newsclipping: snowstorm doesn’t stop jeremy lin

    3. jeremy lin makes it to linsanity the movie at sundance in salt lakey

    4. Sundance Film and Music Festival 2013 Ads by Paula Scher

    5. sudance by the numbers

    1. lol how ppl in vietnam sit

      Ray Homat Saigon.

    2. LOL Eddie Huang:
      Damn Jlin7 pickin out mad rape-y psalms LOL
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      A year in a Detroit Firefighter’s Helmet Cam

    4. iphone rame bowl holder

    5. “Do whatever u want, just dont tell other ppl what Now go tell other ppl that.”

  1. click on date to read article:

    Yes, Vietnam affects Viet Americans, but we affect them back too: Book Posted on January 15, 2013 by Bolsavik

  2. Grace Su
    Pinsanity. #Sundance

  3. Grace Su
    It’s about to go down!!! @LinsanityMovie at @SundanceFest!

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ao dais and li xi

    1. allaodai:

      Personally, I really enjoy the colors that this white ao dai is set against.

    2. You reblogged vuicangay


      Nguyễn Hồng Nhung trong trang phục áo dài

    3. You reblogged anhphamous


      I was inspired to design this ao dai ;(a traditional Vietnamese dress) when my mother had discussed her need of a new ao dai for the coming Chinese New Year celebration.

      My moda for this project was to get a very eastern/traditional garment and give it a fresh modern westernized make-over!  I’m absolutely in love with this garment, and proud to present it as a sneak peak of my debut couture collection!

      When it came to accessorizing the outfit- I kept a vintage Victorian heirloom feel to give the look character, but made sure to bring it into 2013.

    4. You reblogged dalatienne
    5. You reblogged dalatienne
    6. You reblogged katrinapallon


      Meet me in Hoi An
      10.5 inches x 10.5 inches
      Pen and ink on paper

    7. You reblogged asianhistory


      Mod culture in Japan

    8. You reblogged loladein


      Napalm Victim #1, Saigon, South Vietnam, April 29, 1971
      1971 by Richard Avedon

    9. You reblogged calvingodfrey


      There are no cigarette breaks in Vietnam. Life is a cigarette break.

    10. You reblogged hirokotanaka


      our today 2 years ago. Peace Village, Tudu Hospital. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 01/17/2011

      Peace Village ward at Tu Du Hospital is home for surviving child victims of Agent Orange, a controversial chemical agent contained dioxin, used by the U.S military during the Vietnam War. Decades later, civilians still suffer the consequences: Children born to parents exposed to Agent Orange can be stillborn or born with birth defects, including skin disease, mental illness, and deformities. more at :

  1. You reblogged calvingodfrey


    Like every girl I spoke to at the bar, Tuyet considers herself very ugly.

  2. You reblogged caravagina


    Will Kwan
    Endless Prosperity, Eternal Accumulation, 2009
    80 lightjet prints

    Endless Prosperity, Eternal Accumulation is a photographic series of eighty images of hongbao – commonly known in North America as Chinese red envelopes. The Chinese use hongbao to give gifts of money at various festivities and social events. The red envelopes can be traced back to the earlier traditional practice of distributing currency wrapped in red paper as a symbolic gesture of circulating prosperity and fortune.

    The collection of envelops in the photo series are of contemporary hongbao printed by transnational financial corporations from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, East Asia, and China that are given to Chinese clients. On one level, these corporate hongbao are a crass appropriation of a traditional cultural form for branding and marketing purposes. In a second more sublimated way, the envelopes contain a complex – though often unintentional – juxtaposition of ancient Chinese iconography and script, art historical and colonial era references, Chinoiserie, and corporate logos. These juxtapositions reveal the symbolic aspirations of corporations and the degree to which corporate interests have infiltrated cultural identity.

    Presented as a panorama of eighty individually framed photographs, the work also attempts to register the global scope of both financial institutions and the Chinese diaspora. The assortment of bank logos provide a contemporary atlas of Chinese settlements/markets across the world, while imagery of ships and lions and Chinoiserie patterns allude to the historical encounters between China and the West. The title Endless Prosperity, Eternal Accumulation is a play on the terminology of globalization (Immanuel Wallerstein’s concept of capitalism’s obsession with endless accumulation) and the grandiose literal translations of Chinese names into English (Tian’anmen Square literally meaning: Square of the Gate of Heavenly Peace).

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    Girls in Saigon, 1965

  4. You reblogged chimyen


    Girls in aodai dresses.

  5. You reblogged xkcn
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Miss Tiffany Thảo Nguyễn MVSC 2013 – Pageant Director x NajMeTender illustrations x Hằng Ny in ao dai x eddie huang x spike lee x michelle banzer in ao dai x leo chiang as lecturer x lynhthy nguyen x beardhead x cathleen nguyen x cafe lu fembots x mr. cao goes to washington x nguyen cao ky duyen x bao han x yumi sakugawa comics x ao dai gangnam style x geo x gina darling x deip tran x le chi in ao dai x anh oi shirts

MissVietnam SoCal
Miss Tiffany Thảo Nguyễn
MVSC 2013 – Pageant Director
MVSC 2012 – Miss Congeniality — at Huy Khiem Studio.

  1. NajMeTender
    It’s my very own depiction of what the seven deadly sins are… with the help of pizzas! Half the fun about this artwork is figuring out which sins are which.

    Get your own art print from US$20 and above!

    [Psst… here’s a secret link to get free shipping on most items in my Society6 store until Jan 13th:]

    Also available as laptop or ipad skins, phone skins and cases as well as throw pillows. Yay!

  2. By Hằng Ny
  3. Eddie Huang
    That unbelievable Chinatown swag… Get it on grand st ladies

  4. Eddie Huang
    From the Chang that brought u hawaii dunks come the air human pandas

  5. Michelle Banzer
    My impersonation of a Vietnamese princess. haha — with Gustavo Alfaro, Michelle Stephanie Banzer and Whitney Kayrouz.


    1. buddha quotes

    2. Beard Head
      Finally have our Limited Edition “Upcycled” Beard Heads made in collaboration with Icebox Knitting available for sale! Each “Upcycled” Beard Head is made in Colorado from recycled and re-purposed wool sweaters! Get them here:

    3. vietnamese fembots?

    4. “My grandparents had a Radio and had 9 kids; My parents had a TV and had 3 kids; and I have Fb/twitter and I think the family ends here.”
    5. “RT@MegaRan

      “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” -Ralph Waldo

    6. mr. cao goes to washington streaming on pbs

      1. lol viets no like whining. “I misjudged Cao when I encountered him in person in 2009. I was in New Orleans with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, on assignment for a magazine. At a meeting with local educators and activists, I thought Cao looked bored and impatient, listening to Americans talk about hardship. After all, his refugee family had known a different order of woe in postwar Vietnam, and his father had been tortured in re-education camps. I pegged him as an immigrant bootstrapper who disdained whining. That reading wasn’t entirely wrong, but it missed the impossible idealism that earned him such nasty bruises in the rough and tumble of electoral politics.”

      2. You reblogged vietaccent


        Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen

      3. You reblogged ellisjanebell


        I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You (…)

        Yumi Sakugawa :: Comic Book Artist + Illustrator

        Yumi Sakugawa :: Comic Book Artist + Illustrator

      4. You reblogged allaodai


        Vietnam Stlye

      5. You reblogged geoantoinette


        Holy shot this guy gave me another one…….he’s amazing I never look this girlie n glowy ( @darion_ko @raciney @arielleryan @crystalbp)

      6. Gina T.
        Autographed prints of these may be coming in the near future…x

      7. Lynhthy Nguyen
        #Chains & whips excite me. -@badgalriri // Also excited for @siennaspalding’s performance tonight @AVnightclub!

      8. By Diep Tran, vietnamese
      9. le chi, ao dai, red

      10. le chi, ao dai

      11. le chi, ao dai

      12. le chi, ao dai

      13. le chi, ao dai

      14. By Le Chi Even if you occupy yourself with work – Flood your mind with things to think about – Your heart will always wander off to that person you Truly Love. Your Heart See – Listens and Feel when The Rest of You is Pretending To Be Busy ….♥♥
      15. le chi, ao dai

      16. By Le Chi, #ao dai





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Erik Tạ’s short vids x black lapel trinity knots x model talia le x southeast beast nguyenning sweaters x johnny tri nguyen as dinero x beyond cinema man-child kickstarter case studies x shawl sweaters x anderson le at sundance x abraham ferrer sundance reviews


  1. Talia Le
    Credits: Daniel Bui
    Glamour Photo
  2. viet alicia keys?

  3. there should be a jersey tailoring company, cut and sew the arms to look better.
  4. jeremy lin harden beard shirt

  5. Johnny tri nguyen aka viet robert dinero
  6. Neaato Org
    kickstarter case study: Ryan Koo’s film MAN-CHILD. for $10 u got hd digital copy, for 15$ the bonus features. for Linsanity: the Movie, u have to give $50 to get the dvd. they hopefully will make their goal of 117k, however i do think more would pitch esp in todays digital download age which free cost to send link to download.

  7. Neaato Org
    case study: Byron Qiao’s Beyond Cinema Productions’s film BANG BANG..the blu ray is $13, dvd $10, on itunes it is $13 hd (how i got it) and $5 to rent. great film but regardless if good or not, its also GREAT DEAL. EVERY FILM SHOULD MAKE IT THIS EASY FOR CONSUMER TO GIVE ARTIST MONEY.

  8. Neaato Org
    case study: Byron Qiao’s Beyond Cinema Productions’s film BANG BANG..the blu ray is $13, dvd $10, on itunes it is $13 hd (how i got it) and $5 to rent. great film but regardless if good or not, its also GREAT DEAL. EVERY FILM SHOULD MAKE IT THIS EASY FOR CONSUMER TO GIVE ARTIST MONEY.

  9. Nadine Truong
    “Linsanity”, please. Premiering twelve and a half hours from now!
  10. mens shawl sweater

  11. mens shawl sweater

  12. mens shawl sweater

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Kaylen Dao
Photographer: Le Thien Vien
Gown by Văn Thành Công — with Văn Thành Công.

crystal tran x isabelle du


V Model & Talent
Happy Holidays! Did you get what you wished for? Let’s see if Kaylen & Krystie got everything on their wishlists in the VietBeauty Magazine Holiday Fashion Editorial “Winter Dreams” photographed by Huy Khiem! Creative direction by Viktor NL & behind the scenes video directed by toNY toKA. — with Crystal Tran, Viktor NL, Juliet Vo, Travis Vu, Huy Khiem, toNY toKA, Thi Truong, Krystie V Neyugn, Isabelle Du, Erick Hiep Nguyen, Kaylen Dao, Khan Bui Vsc Velokb and Zombizzy Nom Nom at Huy Khiem Studio.


  1. dont know what this says but ysa rules!

    WESTMINSTER (NV) - Họ không hẳn là những người thật sự nổi tiếng, bên cạnh những người nổi tiếng.

    Dược Sĩ Lê Ðình Ysa, người được xem là “linh hồn cho những người trẻ của VAALA”. (Hình: Uyên Việt/Người Việt)

    Họ không hẳn là người bình thường, bên cạnh những người bình thường.

    Họ có một công việc ổn định để làm, xứng đáng với bằng cấp họ dày công học tập. Họ có một gia đình hạnh phúc, xứng đáng với công họ chăm nom, vun vén.

    Nhưng, điều quan trọng họ có mà nhiều người không hề có, đó chính là tấm lòng và công sức họ dành cho việc góp nhặt, gìn giữ, và phổ biến văn hóa, nghệ thuật của cộng đồng Việt Nam nơi đây để cho mọi người, nhất là các cộng đồng bạn, biết đến “diện mạo” của dân tộc Việt là gì.

    Họ, trong bài viết này, là 3 trong số những người phụ nữ gánh vác công việc của Hội Văn Học Nghệ Thuật Việt-Mỹ, VAALA (Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association).

    “Khi một cộng đồng bạn nhìn vào cộng đồng mình, người ta không để ý nhiều về cái vòng kim cương mình đeo trên tay, hay cái xe mình chạy, mà người ta sẽ xem trình độ văn hóa, nghệ thuật của cộng đồng mình có gì để họ thưởng thức và chiêm ngưỡng.” Lời phát biểu đó của họa sĩ Ann Phong, chủ tịch hội đồng quản trị của VAALA, cũng chính là lý do để những người phụ nữ của VAALA dấn thân từ bao năm qua, một cách tự nguyện.

  2. Cathleen Cát Lynh Nguyen
    Please go out to your local Vietnamese music store and buy a copy to support this medley CD! This is the first CD I’m featured in. :) Xin qui vi ung ho Cat Lynh trong cuon (lien khuc) CD dau tien nay nhe! ;) ♡ — with Dan Nguyen.
  3. Lindsey Do Tien Dung is the future of viet kieu music right? english and viet and someone younger viet q can relate too??? and Phi Tiễn too!?
  4. viets pls translate:

    Nguyen Quang Dung
    QUAN DU là viết tắt của Quang Dũng. Hihihihi… Đẹp trai, giỏi và cô độc. Cám ơn Thai-Hoa Le từ Canada về Vietnam Chịu đựng cái nóng gần 40 độ + với Bộ đồ này và 1 ngày phải làm việc từ 15 đến 17 tiếng.

    1. Lac Su
      All the gifts I received today, it is people giving other people my book that makes me most happy.
    2. via Learn Vietnamese
      Wishing all our friends a very happy & warm Christmas from Donna &!Donna & chúc các bạn Giáng Sinh vui vẻ & ấm cúng!

      Photography by Jung Kim
      Makeup & Hair by Khanh Nguyen
      Gown by Jacky Tai — with Jung Kim, Khanh Nguyen Nguyen Artistry and Jacky Tai.

      1. via ryan ko  jeremy lin

      2. dude..dude……Lynhthy featured on “Laker Girls” – Time Warner Cable SportsNet
      3. miso for life

      4. #phoebecates #black
      5. #phoebecates #80s

        1. via dandiggity [ T | M | L | O ] 6h
          Dandiggity Thien Le

        2. Chantelle Truong
          In just over a week! I will see you at BLVD 22 in Vancouver! Really looking forward for my debut show in Beautiful Canada!
        3. DL Duy Studio
          By DL Duy Photo — at Dl Duy Studio.
        4. mortal kombat beatbox

        5. The REAL Toy Story: Chinese factory workers forced to sleep among piles of doll parts as they churn out Christmas presentsPhotographer Michael Wolf took a series of fascinating pictures during five visits to toy-making factories in mainland China. The industry is said to be worth £2.8billion a year in the UK alone. Human rights campaigners have frequently raised concerns about the pay and conditions of Chinese workers.
        6. ppl proud that only time azn used in show is as a joke? Pic of the Day: Randall Park as Asian Jim on ‘The Office’ — Check out the scene here:
        7. Lucio Fontana… 2.8 million!
        8. Getting High Off Asian Food with Eddie Huang
        9. SRIRACHA X BEER?

        10. eddie huang on viet pop up resturants on streets of san fran: ‘what the fuck is this man?” LOL

        11. eddie huang to viet girls of rice paper scissors: this is ur shit huh  girls: we love the 3 ladies

        12. viet supermarket in sf

        13. via rps:

          Curious about how we started Rice Paper Scissors?

          SFSU journalism student Nicole Dobarro produced this video that covers our beginnings and where we’re at now. Give it a look :)

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