“Vietnamese Actors/Actresses Needed for ‘La Petite Salon'”

“La  Petite Salon”

Mini-DV short narrative film 10-15 min. Drama.Director/Producer: Caroline Le

Quynh Tran, a young Vietnamese American woman, works at her mother’s hair salon where she encounters everyday conversations about men, international politics, and gossip from the interactions she and her mother has with their predominately Vietnamese women customers.

Seeking 8 Female and 1 Male Vietnamese Speaking Roles:

Quynh Tran Late teens – early 20’s. Vietnamese American woman. Kind and observant. Queer and closeted from everyone except her mother, her reserved nature displays the utmost respect to the patrons in her mother’s salon. Semi-fluent in Vietnamese.

Chi Truc Late 20’s – early 30’s. Vietnamese woman. Unemployed for several months, her workaholic behavior is overcome by uneasiness of insecurities to support her family.

Mai Ly Tran Mid-40’s. Older, contemporary Vietnamese woman and mother of Quynh. Attentive and caring. She is the mediator, the advice columnist, and sets the atmosphere in the salon.

Thomas Pham Early 30’s. Well-groomed Vietnamese gay man. Sarcastic and abrasive. He feels privileged to be in such a space with these women. He gossips and jokes with everyone.

Co Nga Late 30’s. Professional, trendy Vietnamese woman. Attempts to stay young and hip. Acculturated to the Los Angeles-American lifestyle, she dresses fashionable, and thinks highly of herself.

Ba So Mot (#1) Early 60’s. Vietnamese woman. Loud, opinionated, and conservative. She is traditional and is quick to joke a bit and switch to being defensive about her beliefs.

Ba So Hai (#2) Early 60’s. Vietnamese woman. Best friends since childhood with Ba So Mot. Conservative and traditional.

Co Hien Late 30’s. Plain petite Vietnamese woman. Complete opposite of Co Nga, she is timid and avoids conflict with others. A sense of sadness about her.

Sienna Alvarez Late teens – early 20’s. Latin woman. Generous and thoughtful. She aims to be in good graces with Mai Ly and empathizes with her girlfriend, Quynh, about the struggles of coming out. Semi-fluent in Spanish.


Please submit headshot/photo and résumé via email with subject
heading, “La Petite Salon” Casting Call, to Caroline.le@gmail.com

If you cannot reach me by email, my contact number is (408) 835-3773.

Auditions will be held on April 5-7, 2007.
Callbacks will be held on April 10 and April 12, 2007.

Shoot dates – April 27-29. Downtown San Jose.

Involvement with this film project will include copy, film festival exposure, credits, and meals. It is required that you be committed and available for at least 3 rehearsal and the day of the shoot.

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  2. snow says:

    i saw this hard copy posted today but the web ad says feb 2007? is it over? are you doing more?

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