Bruce Lee turns 70 today, The Singapore Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee statue may be erected in L.A.’s Chinatown

Bruce Lee was just 32 when he died in 1973. He would have been 70. What I liked most about ol’ Brucee was that instead of complaining about racism in Hollywood, he did his own thing. For example instead of complaining about Charlie Chan or, if it was today, Avatar, he was too busy making his own films. One my fav quotes which is also in NEAATO’s ‘about’ section: ”To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

Wish I got to be in the “I sound like Bruce Lee” competition below. Would have loved to do my impersonation of him saying “Beeeee like waaaaaaataaaaar” hehe

Bruce Lee updates:


ENTER THE DRAGON: A Chinatown committee is looking to raise a statue commemorating martial arts icon Bruce Lee, who historians say once lived in a studio in the neighborhood. “Once we get a final decision from the committee regarding the location, the Community Redevelopment Agency will help them go through the city process to make it happen,” Bibiana Yung, assistant project manager at the CRA, told the Downtown Los Angeles News.

nokia n96 bruce lee chuck Enter the Nokia N96 Dragon Phone

Amor Eterno Tattoo and Art Space, which opened in September in East Oakland, is celebrating what would have been Lee’s 70th birthday this weekend, with a night of kung fu movies (including 1973’s “Enter the Dragon“), a DJ and $25 Lee-themed tattoos – all taking place in a spot that was reportedly once a favorite of Lee’s when he lived in the East Bay.

6 p.m.-midnight Sat. Free. Amor Eterno Tattoo and Art Space, 1227 18th Ave., Oakland. (510) 842-3620.

- Andrea Abney,
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via Elrica Tanu

Singapore’s Bruce Lee

“FROM his simple white T-shirt, and black track pants down to his Kung Fu shoes and white socks, 31-year-old IT sales manager Thomas Hay certainly got his idol Bruce Lee’s iconic look right. And he has the moves to boot.

The Taekwondo-trained Hay won a Bruce Lee look-alike contest held at The Heeren Shops last Saturday with his martial arts performance based on a fight scene in Bruce Lee’s movie, Fist of Fury.”

lol check out all the other vids:

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