Did Park Jae Sang, or PSY’s song “Gangnam Style” copy or borrow from LMFAO?


“borrow from LMFAO” LMFAO is LMFAO and PSY is PSY. They don’t need to borrow or copy anything. PSY is awesome. He doesn’t need to “borrow” from anyone. PSY has been in the music industry long enough to know that.”

“PSY is not actually an underground singer..he’s signed to what many consider the best company in korea. YG Entertainment which is one of Korea’s Big Three entertainment companies along with SM and JYP. Artists from YG are 2NE1, Big Bang, Teddy, Se7eN, and Gummy among others, they are considered korea’s top stars.”

“he’s been around longer, Americans tend to co-opt everything as ours.

just think of the writer trying to make the track more relatable to his readers  LMFAO is probably synthpop which has been around since the 70/80s it’s not like they invented the genre.  I doubt that’s what the guy is saying

also keep in mind that Psy’s sound changes radically pretty much every album as he becomes interested in different stuff”

>>>just because someone is around longer, doesn’t mean they can ‘borrow’ whatever is hot in market right now right? i mean, it’s just smart marketing, same goes for pit bull and making dance songs. just because someone has been around longer doesn’t mean they make new styles, just mean this guy is doing it korean AND lmfao style, no??

anyhoo, via dailydot:

Just how awesome is PSY’s “Gangnam Style”? We’ve counted the ways.

0:06: The Korean kid on the beach doing the Michael Jackson
0:34: Sang’s ability to woo two women into dancing through a wind tunnel of trash with him
0:42: Sang’s ability to woo two women into dancing through a wind tunnel of snow with him
0:50: Sang’s distinguished confidence in a robin’s egg blue towel
1:05: Sang’s blatant disregard for the rules on a bus
1:27: Whatever you’d call that dance Sang does between those women working out
2:05: This hot dog-colored dude who could be either the villain or the ally
2:22: The back-and-forth subway sequence
2:35: The sly-dog shoes and shorts look Sang’s employing
2:55: Sang’s casual Texas two step
3:15: This, just this.

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