tawainese special: jeremy lin at sundance pics and eddie huang’s new book fresh off the boat

    1. Dennis Hong
      coolest kids on the block. kbye! — with Tiffany Spiffany.

    2. Suboi
      Suboi – “Talk to me”

    3. back of fresh of the boat by eddie huang book. #bourdain

    4. Neaato Org
      Eddie huangs fresh off the.boat audio cd..gonna.listen now.

    5. Linsanity: the Movie
      #linsanity #parkcity #snow #linsanitythemovie #sundance

    6. my cousin Jennipho made this

    1. my cousin made this:

      Sneak peek at what’s to come ;)

    2. high expectations azn father on the bachelor

    3. Jeremy Lin
      AWESOME team win tonight…so fun to be a part of!! Dont ask me what im doin…haha. And James Hardens dunk?!?

    4. big bang x simpsons

    5. Frankie Magazine
      ohara hale combines two of our favourite things: cats and carb-laden food. click here to see her full range of tasty kitties, including sushi cat and chips-n-gravy cat.

    6. azns dont like cameras, they love it

    1. Sundance 2013, Pt. 7: (Re)Connecting the Field”

      The 2013 Sundance Film Festival is over and OUT! And for me and my road-trip partner, we couldn’t have picked a more opportune time to leave. The cloudless, sunny ski resort town we found when we arrived the first weekend gave way to wet, snowy weather the last half of the festival, by which time we were back in L.A. debriefing on our experiences, and for me, dealing with a persistent itching due to the very dry weather we encountered while there. News reports indicated that because of an inversion layer that clouded over Salt Lake City where I was staying the whole time, the air quality was pretty bad (unhealthy) for everyone all around. I’ve been back now, and I’m paying for it with redness on my arms and elbows, the likes of which I haven’t experienced before. And I hate it. A lot.

      Because I wasn’t here a long time (only four screening days in total), my screening schedule was very compressed into a little more than three days, during which I snuck in a mere dozen films. Oh sure, there were the films I made time to see in relationship to their being made by folks of Asian Pacific descent (A RIVER CHANGES COURSE; WHEN I WALK; LINSANITY; ANITA; PIT STOP) and works from different Asian countries that piqued my interest (JISEUL; METRO MANILA; SALMA; WAJMA – AN AFGHAN LOVE STORY; WHAT THEY DON’T TALK ABOUT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT LOVE). There were other films that I made time for, just to see what non-Asian folks of color are doing (FRUITVALE was a favorite that I came around to late), while I was left to ponder the “what-ifs” of high-profile debuts that just missed the mark for me (Park Chan-wook’s STOKER, sabotaged by a lazy, error-laden screenplay). And for the brief time I ventured up the hill to sneak my way into Slamdance Film Festival offerings, I found myself well-rewarded, if distinctly sight-challenged for the uniquely ghetto-styled screening rooms built out of two motel banquet rooms.

      MORE HERE:http://vcfilmfest2012.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/sundance-2013-pt-7-reconnecting-the-field/

    2. newsclipping: snowstorm doesn’t stop jeremy lin

    3. jeremy lin makes it to linsanity the movie at sundance in salt lakey

    4. Sundance Film and Music Festival 2013 Ads by Paula Scher

    5. sudance by the numbers

    1. lol how ppl in vietnam sit

      Ray Homat Saigon.

    2. LOL Eddie Huang:
      Damn Jlin7 pickin out mad rape-y psalms LOL
    3. You reblogged joshhardt


      A year in a Detroit Firefighter’s Helmet Cam

    4. iphone rame bowl holder

    5. “Do whatever u want, just dont tell other ppl what to.do. Now go tell other ppl that.”

  1. click on date to read article:

    Yes, Vietnam affects Viet Americans, but we affect them back too: Book Posted on January 15, 2013 by Bolsavik

  2. Grace Su
    Pinsanity. #Sundance

  3. Grace Su
    It’s about to go down!!! @LinsanityMovie at @SundanceFest!

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  1. Merle says:

    Your way of explaining all in this post is
    really nice, every one be able to without difficulty understand it, Thanks a lot.

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