POSITION: Volunteer Coordinator (Full-Time)

The Cambodian Family is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping
the community develop the hope and skills to make better lives for
themselves. The Cambodian Family Youth Program mission is to help
youths develop their visions for the future and attain skills to turn
their visions into reality. We help youth develop self-esteem, academic
skills, and responsibility towards themselves, family, and community, so
they have a positive and meaningful childhood, graduate high school,
pursue higher education and/ or a career path, and develop the tools to
become productive adults.

POSITION: Volunteer Coordinator (Full-Time)

SALARY: $18 – $20/hr + Benefits

DUTIES: This staff person will coordinate the recruitment, screening,
hiring, orientation, and training of volunteer mentors; provide support
to mentors and mentees in their ongoing relationships; seek donation of
supplies and materials to support the relationships, ensure that the
Mentoring Program supports and enhances the ongoing group mentoring
activities of the Youth Program; schedule up to 40 mentoring sessions a
week, answer questions, arrange activities for youths and mentors when
one party is absent; with the Mentoring Project Director, Youth
Counselors, and school personnel, help reassign mentors a match does not
work out; assist in helping mentees in these failed relations overcome
any negative repercussions and find suitable mentors for a rematch.

QUALIFICATIONS: Requires ability to multi-task and work with competing
priorities while meeting daily goals, excellent interpersonal
communications, flexibility and strong written, verbal, and computer
skills. Experience recruiting and training volunteers strongly
preferred. Must be an excellent role model of character and have strong
commitment to education and community service.

CONTACT: Please send or email a cover letter and a detail resume

Sundaram Rama, Youth Program Coordinator
1111 E. Wakeham Ave. Suite E
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone (714) 973-7184
Fax (714) 571-1974

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