VAN: Three hours conversation with Jade Kira

interview at:

And it wasn’t enough.

Before I get into the details of the conversation, I would like to say Los Angeles traffic sucks ass! I’d like to apologize to Jade for my tardiness. Next time, whenever I drive in LA, I must multiply the calculated time by 3 to make sure I’ll be on time. It’s crazy! Each freeway has 6, 7 lanes and there is traffic. WTF? The mayor needs to do something about the population. ;O) Anyhow…here goes the story.

Normally, before I do an interview for VAN, I’d spend some time to search around on the internet and MySpace to find the person that I’m interested in talking to. He/she doesn’t have to be well known. As long as I find that person and their work are in parallel with my personal beliefs and interests, then I’ll try to engage and hopefully she or he will make time for me. However, this time was different. Back in December, when I was busy (like everyone else) with all holidays errands; before I got the chance to search, I saw a bulletin post from Jade,

“Hello Friends,

As the holiday season is nearing, the weather is dropping, so it is time for me to provide blankets to the homeless for the chilling nights. At this time, I am asking friends to donate whatever you can, and everything is appreciated. I will be purchasing blankets by the second week of December (hopefully sooner, if I can get a sizable amount in donations) and distribute the blankets by mid December. If you have blankets or comforters that you can spare, then that would also be greatly appreciated.

To all of my close friends, you know how to contact me, and your thoughts mean a lot.

Again, thank you.

Jade Kira”

I thought it was very neat and volunteered to contribute. From that, I started reading up on her from her site,, and met up with her for coffee while I was in LA last weekend. This time I decided to do the interview differently as well. I came to Java Groove in Van Nuys without any questions prepared. I just wanted to go with the flow. And here are the highlights that I made sure to remember to write about.

A little history on Jade Kira:

Growing up in the bay area, Jade is the oldest in the family of 4, 2 sisters and 1 brother. Without her father around (he passed away when she was a few months old), she had to take on the role and help her single mom to raise her siblings. Her only purpose then was to make sure her siblings stay out of trouble and stay focused in school. Throughout high school and college, her passion for entertainment (especially film) was buried deep under all the school work, house errands, cooking, and part-time jobs. Although she did start modeling at the age of 13, here and there, but the thought of taking that career path crossed her mind only once in awhile, before she went to bed at night. All that changed in the summer of 2006. Her sisters and brother all graduated high school and left for college. She was lost. She needed to figure out what’s the next purpose. Find a stable 9-5 job? Or…

VAN: So how did it all started again?

…read the rest of the conversation and find out what exciting projects Jade’s cooking for 2008, Click here to visit VAN SITE

Stay alive. Stay creative.


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