San Diego Asian Film Festival

 San Diego Asian Film Festival
Date: Mar 20, 2008 8:57 PM

REEL IN THE VOTE is a non-partisan campaign launched by the San Diego Asian Film Foundation to encourage more Asian Pacific Islander Americans (APIAs) to participate in the democratic process during this crucial election year.
Through the power of grassroots media and the sheer number of attendees at our annual film festival, we believe REEL IN THE VOTE can make a difference through the following components:

– A national PSA contest
– Commissioning short documentaries relating to our campaign that will screen during a free program at the film festival, followed by a panel discussion
– Hosting a voter registration drive during our festival, October 9-16

Reel in the Vote has been made possible through grants from California Independent Voter Project, Zero Divide, Hom Family Foundation, and Epsilon Systems Solutions.

Why Vote?
Every vote counts! Sadly, statistics show Asian Pacific Islander Americans have the lowest rates of voter participation among all ethnic groups, and Asian American women have the lowest rates of voter participation among all groups, with less than one quarter of eligible voters actually registering to vote. While there may be many cultural reasons behind the dismal numbers, APATHY is our worst enemy.

As an Asian Pacific Islander American, your right to vote is one of the most valuable rights you will ever have. The freedom to choose the direction of a nation is a powerful and liberating force. We need to start talking about voter participation in the APIA community, challenge ourselves to become civically engaged, empower ourselves with knowledge of the candidates, and ultimately, have a voice in where we believe this country should be headed.

PSA Contest
If you have access to a video camera and a great idea, here’s your chance to take action in 30 seconds! The San Diego Asian Film Foundation is challenging YOU to submit a 30-second public service announcement that promotes civic responsibility and democratic participation in the electoral and public policy processes. In other words, your PSA should help encourage voter registration and participation in the APIA community.
Be creative!

We will choose a winner to receive $1000 and a Sony HDF-FX1 HDV Camcorder (worth $3700), plus bragging rights – the winning PSA will be screened before all film programs at the film festival.

Entries must be postmarked by July 31, and no more than 30 seconds in length.

Click here for contest rules and application.

Get Involved
Inspired to take action? There are many ways you can REEL IN THE VOTE this year.
Here’s a checklist:

– Make sure you’re registered to vote.
You can register online here.

– If you have access to a video camera, enter a PSA into competition. Click here for rules and application.

– Mention this campaign on your blog, or send the link to this page to anyone you think should know.

– Volunteer at our voter registration drive in October.

– Get educated about APIA issues and do your own outreach using this handy organizing tool guide.

– Come out to watch our REEL IN THE VOTE program at the film festival and bring your family and friends!

Get Connected
For more information about voting, civil rights, and Asian American issues, here are some important websites and resources:

* Note: Some of these links are partisan and they do not necessarily represent the political views of the SDAFF.

A nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization, dedicated to better informing voters on important public policy issues, and to encourage non-partisan voters to participate in the electoral process.

Founded in 1974, AALDEF is a national organization that protects and promotes the civil rights of Asian Americans. By combining litigation, advocacy, education, and organizing, AALDEF works with Asian American communities across the country to secure human rights for all.

– APA FOR PROGRESS, apaforprogress. org
A grassroots, online national network of Asian Pacific Americans for progressive action.

– APIA VOTE, apiavote. org
A nonpartisan organization dedicated to getting APIAs out to vote. Find statistics, voter information, and even online manuals to get you starts in organizing a voter registration drive.

– ASIAN-NATION, asian-nation. org
A website dedicated to Asian American history, demographics, politics, and issues.

Read up on candidates, check your voter registration status, sign up as a poll worker, find out where to cast your ballot, and view election results here.

– WEAR YOUR VOTE!, archipelago-inc. com
Here’s a cool website that sells shirts that shows off your pride as an Asian American voter!

We are most grateful for the funding that helped make REEL IN THE VOTE possible this year:

– California Independent Voter Project
– Epsilon Systems Solutions
– Hom Family Foundation
– Zero Divide

all contents copyright 2008 San Diego Asian Film Foundation, all rights reserved.

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