Whats you’re websites (myspace or others):
myspace. com/makeupbykatie & katiebcosmetics. com

Who are ya?
My name is Katie B

Where ya at?
Orange County, California

Why are you different?
Makeup artist & hair stylist for celebrities and Playboy. I also have the first professional mineral cosmetics line titled Katie B Cosmetics.

How did you get started/your Aha moment?
Started playing with makeup since I was a baby according to family members. My break happened after lots of hard work of doing makeup and hair for everyone and through word of mouth by clients.

What is your goal?
Share my artistry in makeup and hair with everyone, to provide the most professional, quality, and innovative cosmetics in mineral makeup, and to become a successful entrepreneur.

Any upcoming projects/things we should check out?
I was just in Vibe Magazine this month and I will be working on a music video with one of Jabbawokees’ lead dancers. Jabbawokees are the season one winner of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. And check out

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Have your own Personal Photo Shoot with the Best Staff!

Katie B - Playboy Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
Katie B - Playboy Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist
Ginger is wearing ALL Katie B Mineral Liquid Foundation in G400 and Stick Foundation/Concealer in G400. Set with “Sandy” Dual Pressed Powder. Mineral blush in “Just Peachy,” and “Peach Puff” and “Rouge” together to give bright rosy cheeks. Mineral lip liner in “Neutral.” Then “Love” in Lip Shines Gloss to give pink color and then topped off with “KO” (very pink) to give ultra shine and more luscious lips. “Dark Brown” Semi-Permanent Brow Powder and Brow Liner from Perfect Brow Kit. Katie B Shadow Base and then the following Pressed Mineral Shadows: “Ivory,” “Glaze,” “Rust,” and “Chocolate;” and Mineral Pigment in “Skin Deep.” Black Liner Set to line eyes top and bottom, Faux Lash Mascara, and “Wink” Flutter Falsie Lash Kit.

The image

The image
The image
The image
The image



  1. Julee
    May 27, 2011

    Hi Ms. Katie B,
    My name is Julee Hov and I saw your awesome works on brows which I wish that I can learn how to do the permanent make-up like that.
    Ido have a questions regarding your permanent cosmetics design. I love the way you design your clients brows. I’ve never seen anything like that before. they look very natural and beautiful. You are very gift and very talent. Where do you learn to do your permanent cosmetics? Where can I learn to do my permanent make-up like that?. Please respond. Thank you for your time. (

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