South Asia Documentary Festival, which began in 2003,

South Asia Documentary Festival, which began in 2003,

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South Asia Documentary Festival, which began in 2003, aims at capturing the livelihood challenges faced by the rural and urban poor and bringing it to the attention of the public, media, judiciary, and most importantly, policy makers.

Over the years, Jeevika has been successful in advocating for the cause of numerous small entrepreneurs, self employed, rick­shaw pullers, street vendors, sex-workers, child labourers, farmers and forest-dwellers.

The Centre for Civil Society is proud to present the 2008 Jeevika


1. To document the livelihood challenges of the rural and urban poor across South Asia.
2. Identify policies and social, religious & cultural practices which prevent people from earning an honest living.
3. Advocate with the policy makers for changes in policies that can have far-reaching impacts on the lives of the poor.


CCS adopts an independent, transparent and rigorous screening process for selection of the entries. There is a two-tier evaluation process for the competition. The Screening Committee short-lists the top 15-20 films. The Jury selects the top three winners and the Best Student Film from these short listed films. The identity of the evaluation committee is disclosed only after the evaluation process is completed.

The Screening Committee comprises five members of whom three are alumni of film institutes nominated by their faculty. Five professionals from diverse fields such as academics, film, development sector, and media create a Jury with distinct perspectives.


In addition as part of the festival tour, the award-winning films will travel and be screened in premier schools and colleges in over 20 states in India and other organisations working on livelihood issues as well as in our South Asian neighbours.

Over the years, Jeevika has become an increasingly popular and news-worthy event as well as an important catalyst for positive social change. The Film-makers whose films have been showcased in the past include Rakesh Sharma (The Final Solution fame), Sanjay Barnela (Turf Wars) and Shohini Ghost (Tales of the Night Fairies).

Contact for further details: Manoj Mathew

Program Manager, Centre for Civil Society (CCS)
Phone: 91.11.2653.7456 (10am-6pm IST)

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