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It’s no secret that the right amount of sake can make other people appear more attractive, but now there’s reason to believe it can make you more attractive, too. Celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo says his Vietnamese grandmother used to rinse her hair with the rice wine to bring out shine. “It’s how Asians get such shiny, beautiful hair,” he says. “In Vietnam, they actually use cõm rue, which is a drink from fermented rice, like sake. The Vietnamese are funny—they rinse their hair with the fermented juice and then eat the rice.” Vo also consulted his grandmother when creating his new line of hair products, based on a rare Vietnamese botanical called boket. Also known as the Vietnamese honey locust bean, boket has a high sugar content, which locks in moisture to protect color-treated hair. Vo’s line also contains other natural Asian ingredients such as rice, soy, silk, and lotus, all valued for their anti-oxidant properties. For those of us who lust after silky Asian hair and don’t have grandmothers to send us their secret ingredients, we’ll have to settle for the next-best thing: Vo’s new line. Click here to see more.

Kim VoKim Vo, celebrity hairstylist (think Terri Hatcher and Goldie Hawn) and a frequent commentator on the E! channel, gives his picks on hairstyles that work with the subtleties of your face.

Deepset Eyes
Do you have deepset small eyes?  Wear your bangs to the side to accentuate the curves of the eyes and to open your face.

Christina RicciProminent Forehead
Do you have a prominent forehead like Christina Ricci?  Wear your bangs right above the eyes to create a softer look.

Kate HudsonSmall (Cute) Ears
Do you have small cute ears like Kate Hudson?  Allow hair to slightly cover the ears to create a sophisticated look.

Kim Vo, Expert Colorist and owner of salons B2V and Kim Vo

by Maura Lynch

Kim Vo

Kim Vo

From a very young age, I’ve known what I wanted to do,” states Kim Vo, owner of the B2V Salon in Los Angeles. “I’ve always loved hair!” Although he was born in Vietnam, Kim spent most of his childhood in California—a place that clearly shaped his career path. “I had to be in Hollywood!” After high school, Kim relocated to Los Angeles and started taking classes at a local college, and eventually ended up in beauty school. “I had to convince myself to have the freedom and courage to do what I really wanted to do,” Kim recalls. “My mom said, ‘That’s great that you’re going to beauty school, until you want to get a ‘real’ job!'”

Kim’s talent and passion landed him coveted jobs at Beverly Hills salons Cristophe and Privè, and in 2001 he opened his first salon, B2V. “I thought the excitement I started with would die out eventually, but it’s only grown into deeper,” he notes, “I love knowing that what I do makes people so happy.” It’s this cheery disposition that makes him a favored hair and color expert for television, including the shows Extreme Makeover and E! Daily 10, where he gives viewers tips on achieving celebrity–inspired hair. The most exciting job for Vo right now, though, is preparing for the opening of his eponymous salon at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on November 29. “We really felt like there was this niche that needed to be filled for people who were under 21,” Vo added. Around the same time, plans are underway to launch a high–end color line.

The only dream Kim has yet to fulfill, he says, is a trip back home to Vietnam. His future plans include spending time there with his relatives and opening a beauty school as well. For aspiring stylists and colorists, Kim recommends starting young—but don’t assume it will be a cakewalk. “It’s a wonderfully creative yet disciplined world,” Kim says. The rewards, however, are pretty sweet: “The ability to connect what’s on the inside to what’s on the outside is the most amazing payback.”

click here for Kim’s top picks for hair >>

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