Daul Kim in Nordstrom Catalog, February 2008

Daul Kim’s look and personality (from what I read on her blog, i like to i fork myself) reminded me a lot of Yoko Ono in the early 70s — a bit weird, a little anti-social and a whole lot rebellious. She is definitely NOT your typical Korean girl like Hye Park (who is Korean American) or Han Jin; nor can I imagine them socializing together outside of work. That makes Daul Kim an interesting girl.

Her personality comes through quite vividly in some of the editorials she’s done. I bet a lot of photographers like that rebel chick in her. She would be great in an Anna Sui or Betsy Johnson ad campaign.

Here are some catalog photos from Nordstrom, February 2008. Photo #1 and #3 defines Daul Kim so perfectly. She’s not the type of girl who would sits on a chair quietly.

Model: Daul Kim
Catalog: Nordstrom, February 2008
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Nordstrom

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Xiaoyi Dai Editorial for Singapore Style Magazine, September 2008

Chinese model, Xiaoyi Dai had languished at her first US agency for years without much notice or support. Then something miraculous happened — Elite Models took her in and placed her under their capable Development Division (for new models). Within weeks, Xiaoyi Dai was walking the runways at New York Fashion Week (10 shows). Hopefully, she will gain further exposure and work under the guidance of Elite Models.
The success of a new model in this industry depends equally on the agency’s support, her work ethics and a good deal of luck. Some models don’t get the representation they deserved while others get homesick very quickly and leave New York after only a few months of casting calls. The few lucky ones get snapped up by big name photographers immediately and become the next big thing overnight.
The editorial below is from Singapore’s top fashion magazine, Style Magazine (Sept 2008 issue). The photos are simply spectacular. The styling is totally avant-garde, and the hair and makeup are superb. You know they spent a lot of time and money on this shoot when you count the number of different hair and makeup changes in this editorial alone.
Model: Xiaoyi Dai
Editorial: Mega Structures
Magazine: Singapore Style Magazine, September 2008
Photographer: Wee Khim
Stylist: Johnny Khoo
Makeup: Elaine Lim
Hair: Junie Tan
Source: via tFs

One comment on “Daul Kim in Nordstrom Catalog, February 2008

  1. Jon-Paul
    February 15, 2009

    Absolutely one of the most lovely sites I’ve ever seen. You go great work here and you should be proud.

    I have been trying to get a lead on one of the fashion models used in Nordstrom’s catalog. I realize that it’s a long shot however, my record of finding and Id’ing folks is nothing shy of brilliant.

    Lately with Nordstrom’s I’ve run into real difficulties. Could you lend an eye in the ‘womens appareal–jackets’ in particular, the model wearing most of the products. She looks partially Asian. Please give it a try. Thanking you in advance,


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