Watch Deleted Scenes from ‘Iron Man’ DVD

Iron Man is out today on DVD. It’s like a 17-disc affair, with a dozen versions of the movie, a day-and-a-half of behind-the-scenes documentaries, and Robert Downey Jr‘s phone number, so you can have him do a personalized audio commentary.

OK, so it’s not quite that extravagant. But with all the hype for it, you’d think it would be. Perhaps that’s because there hasn’t been a must-own DVD in four months. Of course, that’s the way the industry works now; summer is for theatrical releases and the first two months of fall are really all about pushing those same movies on home video. So we’re beginning with the first summer movie. There really are a lot of features with Iron Man, though, including a few documentaries on the second disc, plus Downey’s screen test, the historical overview called The Invincible Iron Man, and more. Like a lot of DVDs, there are deleted scenes, and here’s a sampling:
Tony Comes Home
Fun on the Plane
Pepper and Tony in DubaiI don’t think you needed any convincing, but just in case. Iron Man will set you back $30 on standard DVD, or $40 for the two-disc limited edition or the Blu-Ray.

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