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Filipino Heritage Night with the Warriors

Geary Cruz amaze studios

Former Warrior Townsend and boxer Julaton honored

OAKLAND, Calif. — The Golden State Warriors and its fans celebrated the first ever Filipino Heritage Night at Oracle Area on Nov. 21 in a game against the Chicago Bulls.

Fans received a commemorative t-shirt, watched traditional Filipino dances before the game and during halftime and recognized former Warrior Raymond Townsend and female boxer Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton for their achievements as Filipino athletes.

Warrior’s hype man Franco Finn was even more excited than usual because the Warriors were finally recognizing his community and culture.

“I get to hype up the Filipino community, and it’s just good to finally acknowledge our culture,” Finn said.
Finn said the night was important because it educated those who knew little about Filipino people and culture.

“It’s giving the general public a sense of what the Filipinos are,” said Finn. “We can be classified as Asian American or Pacific Islander, but we have our own unique identity — and that’s Filipino.”

Warrior Girl Thera wanted the fans to realize how important Filipinos were to America and the younger Filipinos to learn and appreciate their ancestry.

“I want the fans to see where our parents, grandparents and great grandparents came from,” she said.

The game was the first to sell out in the young season and featured an exciting display of offensive prowess from both teams and the number one pick in the 2008 draft, Bulls point guard Derrick Rose. The Warriors ultimately fell to the Bulls, 115 to 110.

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That’s Fly: Eri Yoshida Goes Kobe 9 Cruise

Caught this down at The Rafu Shrimpo and all I can think is “What would have happened if I had spent those nights learing how to throw a perfect pitch versus trying to pack the perfect bowl – and was also a girl”.

No use in thinking about the past (and my skills have served me well) – we just have to be happy for Eri Yoshida from Kanagawa Prefectural Kawasaki Kita High School who’s become Japan’s first female professional baseball player in a men’s league.

I guess there’s always the Cannabis Cup?

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That’s A Cover: Michelle Rhee

DC Chancellor of Education Michelle Rhee is getting a lot of pub in this month’s TIME magazine with the cover story and what she’s doing to try and turn around the DC school system (and if I was betting man – which I am – I’d put my money on her):

Rhee is aware of the criticism, but she suggests that a certain ruthlessness is required. “Have I rubbed some people the wrong way? Definitely. If I changed my style, I might make people a little more comfortable,” she says. “But I think there’s real danger in acting in a way that makes adults feel better. Because where does that stop?” […]

On Rhee’s tour of schools during the first week of classes this year, a parent stopped her to praise her accomplishments so far. Rhee listened with a small smile while systematically cracking each of her knuckles with the thumb of the same hand. Then she got back into her SUV and began furiously e-mailing. When she calls her staff, she does not say hello; she just starts talking. She answered 95,000 e-mails last year, according to her office.

She frequently sounds exasperated. “People come to me all the time and say, ‘Why did you fire this person?'” she says. The whiny voice is back. “‘She’s a good person. She’s a nice person.’ I’m like, ‘O.K., go tell her to work at the post office.’ Just because you’re a nice person and you mean well does not mean you have a right to a job in this district.

Definitely worth the read.

And yes – I’d say this post is kind of apropos too (that’s for you UBJ).

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Jet Li And TIME

For any of you Jet Li fans out there, TIME has a nice three page article on the film star and philanthropist talking about his non-profit the One Foundation, the three movies he’s made that tell everything he wants to say to the world, and getting it on with Donatella Versace (o.k. – that last part isn’t true – but she is in the article…):

Established in April 2007, the One Foundation is Li’s contribution toward that balance, and for its sake he has taken time out from films, becoming a full-time relief worker and traveling tirelessly on foundation business. This month he is set to appear at a Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Hong Kong. “Philanthropy is my passion and my life now,” he says. “I wake up and eat and I’m thinking about it. I’m still thinking in the bath. I talk to everyone I can.” It is difficult to name any other A-list celebrity, not even Bono, who has made such a total commitment. There are plenty who touch down in Africa between albums or movies, but none has actually walked off the job as Li has done, at the top of his game.

Read it in full here.

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