Are you a total FOB in need of a makeover or know someone who is?

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Date: 2008-12-03, 8:46PM EST

Our Asian-American-themed reality make-over show is seeking participants!! We’re looking for the fobbiest fobs in the NY/NJ area to give complete make-overs to!

As the ideal candidate, you will be of Asian descent and desperately need a complete overhaul in the way you dress, your hair style, and your overall grooming!! Our Asian fashion and style experts are ready to lend a hand to make it all possible!

But wait there’s more! While you’re getting your make-over, your friends and family are going to plan the ultimate unveiling party just for you. Your unveiling party will be the ultimate fusion of traditional Asian food/customs and a modern you!

Email us a photo and brief description of you or your fobby friend!

Producers are MTV employees (and Asian 😉 Pilot will be submitted as part of the company’s Internal Pitch Program!!

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