hehe isnt she cute?

have another


Aww! ❤ shes so, whats that word?….kawaii! (Japanese word for “cute”)

500_496_8570152700laladeAh GAD, what the fuck is that? GET IT AWAY


Ok back to cute cute girl


Oh god! get it away! who is this girl?

Actually, its all the same girl.

Let the transformation begin!



First, pin back your hair, and clean up your face to get rid of all skin oils.

200_267_6406289200laladeAdd contacts. This girl used special kinds that make the center of your eye really big.  Then glue your eye lids back to make your eye look really big! (Big eyes= cute)

200_267_11635876000laladApply a oil free lotion, and add foundation. This girl used a shading trick where she uses less foundation on the sides of her face to make the over all shape look thinner.


Use Concealer to cover up skin flaws, baggy eyes and other imperfections. Add fake eyelashes and define the brow. 200_267_2402511650laladeAdd mascara to both top and bottom lashes. This makes the eyes even bigger, then add eyeliner. By now the eyes should be freaking huge.

195_278_2470792700laladeFinish up with some lip gloss, bit of blush and do the hair.

I hope this shows you guys, that not all “Asian chicks are cute and perfect” and therefore “better then American girls.” Ive seen this attitude a lot, and its really starting to piss me off. Anybody with a crap load of make up can look just as pretty as anybody else.

Totally stolen from Yutaki