The story of Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori cute

Korean pop princess Lee Hyori.

She has a cute face but in her music career Lee Hyori has used her body and sensuous dancing to project a sexy image.
Lee Hyori sexy

Lee Hyori dancing

Lee Hyori is the highest paid female celebrity in South Korea and has long been the female sex icon. Hyori’s fame has spread internationally as well; she’s popular in Japan and was featured in a TV commercial alongside Jessica Alba last year:

Lee Hyori Jessica Alba

The ad was for Korean cosmetics giant Isa Knox and was shot in Vancouver Canada. The two stars were the center of attention during the filming of the commercial, where observers commented on the similarity of their height, curves, hair style and even healthy-looking copper skin tone. Another less happy moment of international exposure came with accusations of plagiarism….Hyori’s song Get Ya, from her 2006 album Dark Angel, was called out by songwriter’s of the Britney Spear’s single Do Something.

Lee Hyori, who did not write her song, admits to being hurt by the plagiarism accusation. “When that song first came to me, I did think the rhythm might be similar to Britney Spears’ song, but I never expected it would create such a serious fuss. I guess I didn’t realize how much attention I would draw.”

Lee Hyori is as popular for her sexy commercials as she is in her singing! Her sexy image was on display for the health drink, Black Bean Therapy.
Black Bean Therapy

Lee Hyori is best known in a series of advertisements for the Samsung Anycall cell phones, which featured some of her own hit singles. In one of these she was pitted opposite another hot Korean beauty, the actress Jeon Ji-hyun. Jeon shed her innocent image that appealed to men’s protective instinct and instead displayed her curves. Lee Hyori, by contrast, transformed herself into a gentle, mature woman for the spot.

Ji-Hyun and Hyolee
Interestingly both Korean beauties were in the running for the title of “Who is the female entertainer with the rear end you’d most want?”, in an online poll of 1,008 female Internet users. Jeon Ji-hyun (left) took first place with 428 votes while Lee Hyo-lee secured 373 votes. Despite this Lee Hyori, also known as Hyo-lee, remains Korea’s top female icon due to her more varied accomplishments.

Lee Hyori first entered the world of television in 2005 with the drama Three Leaf Clover. She changed her sexy image and portrayed an ordinary factory worker in the series, which unfortunately failed to attract viewers. In 2007 Hyolee made another foray into acting with If In Love…Like Them, where she portrays identical twin sisters!
Lee Hyori bikini

Hyolee’s latest music album, titled Hyorish, will come out in July.
Hyolee beautiful

Given that she has been singing for ten years, Lee Hyori should be a pop diva instead of a princess! She was discovered back in 1998 and joined the all-girl band Fin K.L., which means end (fin) Killing Liberty. Translation: the girls will end anything that kills their freedom! The group broke-up in 2003 with each member pursuing a solo career.
young Hyolee

Lee Hyori in red

Lee Hyori became hot property immediately with her debut album, Stylish…E, and the sexy single 10 Minutes. That year she also won many awards and was seen in endorsements and as MC at popular events…..the South Korean media titled it, “The year of Hyori”. And then there were her singles for the Samsung commercials, of which Anymotion created a Hyolee craze.

At the end of 2006 she changed her agency to M-Net Entertainment, saying, “I think I was pretty naive to stay with my former agency for eight years without a contract. But now I’ve got an agency that I think can really help me. I’m happy with the notion that my value is being recognized.”

With her sexy image and popularity, there were rumors that she was dating/sleeping with, her co-singers, co-actors, or even co-hosts! But Hyolee would always deny such rumors. For example countering the link-up with fellow artist Bang Beh Dong, Hyori said, “We never even dated. After filming a commercial together, its true we would hang out occasionally but we never dated.”

Lee Hyo-lee
But on a TV show last month, Hyolee coyly suggested that some of those rumors may have been true, adding that the reason why scandals pop up in the news is because there is usually something to back them up! Lee Hyori is now 29 (born May 10, 1979), so it’s not surprising that she has had relationships.

Early this year Hyolee appeared on a TV show with her entire family; parents, a brother, two sisters, a brother-in-law, and a cute nephew:
Lee Hyori family

Hyolee says that she used to fall for handsome men in the past, but now she prefers guys that are warm and sweet. In fact Lee Hyori regards her brother-in-law as the ideal husband. Speaking of her own marriage plans Hyolee says that she would like to settle down in another three or four years…..she has no interest in continuing singing after her marriage like Madonna but will experiment with acting.

Lee Hyori figure
Lee Hyori is 5’5″ and weighs around 50kg, which fits in nicely with her lovely figure of 34-24-34.

sexy Lee Hyo-lee

With her toned body, gleaming complexion and flowing locks, Lee Hyori is of course Korea’s top sexy icon. Lee Hyo-lee manages to seem both healthy and sexy. Female fans just adore her figure and healthy complexion.

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  1. KUKI
    January 24, 2013

    This bitch is fuckin hot

    • Nadia Kostenska
      May 27, 2013

      She is such a great dancer she is my idol

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