Artist – Guia Rivera

Press Release:

Guia Rivera is a crosscultural phenomenon when it comes to being a local celebrity from the Chicago music scene. She is sought after as a song purist relying on authentic vocal talent. This year the photogenic diva created a powerful media buzz in her hometown. Every function she attended was cause for photo ops and television interviews. Guia Rivera spread like wildfire on the Internet, gaining 1.3 to 2 million hits on Google per day due to the number of searches for her name. News of her breakthroughs fell upon the ears of Rick Gillette, now the former programming director of Clear Channel radio station 1035 KISS FM Chicago. Gillette soon invited her to the leading radio station so KISS FM could finally meet the girl who is currently, according to various local TV and radio show hosts, Chicago’s most popular female singer (July 2008).

This year Asian American publications Asian American Community Builder News, Asiance Magazine, MegaScene newspaper, Asian Boston and Hataw Pinoy Chicago TV also recognized Guia Rivera’s breakthroughs in their coverage of the multitalented entertainer. She first entered the music industry when she won Heineken Estrella, the Chicagowide Spanish singing contest sponsored by Heineken and La Kalle 103.1 FM Chicago (April 2005). She later became the first Filipina recording artist to receive national airplay on mainstream Latin radio. The Luis Jimenez Show introduced Guia Rivera and her Spanish single “Camaleon” on all La Kalle stations (Univision Radio) in the US (July 2007). On “Camaleon,” she had the opportunity to work with Grammy nominated producer Soundtrakk of Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar” and “Kick Push.” Her musical performances reflect her eclectic upbringing as a US Navy Brat who began her cosmopolitan lifestyle at the ripe age of four when she started elementary school in Athens, Greece.

With a feminine touch, the sensitive songwriter draws inspiration from her ever most cherished art form: “Graffiti.” “Graffiti” is now available as a digital single for her growing fanbase. Since her crowd pleasing performance at A Tribute to ChiRock Nation all ages event, she has gained the support of the hiphop community. She is helping to shape the hiphop landscape with “Breaker Ray” of the Universal Zulu Nation and other community leaders. Guia Rivera represents hiphop with a crown of dignity. She is now sporting hiphop gear by Sweet Boutique.

This year the fashionista also worked with Mario Tricoci and Helen Yi, both respected companies in the department of style. Guia Rivera represents the woman, a voice that needs to be heard. For the New Year, her upcoming projects will combine her penchant for fashion with her commitment to elevating the inner strength of women as she promotes her current single “Snake Charmer.

Gradually, she has already begun to appeal to national and international audiences.

Guia Rivera is one of the New Artists featured on the front page of amp. channelv. com

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