Default “Apathesis” New Media Project seeking Asian American Actor (LA)

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.
Director: Daniel Anderson.

What would it mean if one could draw up the perfect mate or the ideal lover? What would this person look like? How would they behave? Would you imagine such a relationship to be blissfully tranquil or troubling and complex? What are the implications of such a fantasy?

New Media artist Daniel Anderson invites Asian-American actors to participate in an experimental video artwork, which proposes to address these and other questions around race, sexuality, identity, and desire. Drawing from scripted dialogues, improvisational exercises, and a character abstract, selected actors will ‘audition’ on-camera for the role of the artist’s idealized boyfriend. The auditions will themselves be a venue for experimentation and collaboration – and will ultimately be edited for gallery exhibition.

For Submission and More Information, please visit:

Seeking: Male / 25-30 yrs. / Asian
Tsumori is sly and irreverent, sharp, and a bit strange. He is fascinated by odd and archaic music. By day, he works in a little book store; by night, he bicycles drunkenly around Echo Park and plays in a slapdash string quartet. Tsumori has a way of being both elegant and prickly, witty and obscene all at the same time, apparently indifferent to the usual codes of social decorum. Tsumori emigrated to this country as a child with his family. He identifies more with fragments of art and music counter-culture than any particular notions of Americanism. Like many young gay men on the verge of adulthood, he is caught between the freedoms of youth and a desire for trust and love.

If you are new to this form, and want to submit to a casting notice – please take some time and read over “Important Guidelines for Actors” sticky. Thanks a bunch!
“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” seeking Asian Male for Feautred Background (NY)

SAG Feature Film (Disney!)
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Wardrobe Fitting Date: 1/9/09
Shoot/Call Date: 1/12/09
Location: NYC
Pay Scale: SAG Background

Seeking Asian SAG Actors: Approximately 5’11-6’2, in great physical shape with muscle definition for Featured work. You do not need to be bulky like a football player but you must have an athletic build w/ muscle tone. Preferably no body hair on the chest & arms. There will be a fitting on Thursday or Friday & shoot on Monday January 12th.

Send Headshot/Resume (or Contact Info) to:
Email Subject: Asian Male / THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE

Only Submit if you are match the physical description.

Seeking various ages & types for voice talent in series of animated films.

These are independent productions with major studio distribution.

To submit, please do the following:

– Visit the site and read the webcomics that these animated films are being adapted from:

“Godkiller” –

“How I Lost My Virginity -by Alexandra Jones” –

– Select a character to audition for.

– Select a scene from the comic and record yourself performing the character’s dialogue. Feel free to speak the dialogue of the other characters in the scene (providing yourself with a scratch track) or having a friend read with you.

– Save the audio file as an mp3 and email it to along with a resume and cover letter.

Pay based on experience.

Corporate Training Video seeking Asian Talent (Singapore)

Corporate Training Video
Widescreen Revolutions LLP
Location: Singapore
Duration: 2-4days, starts 10 Jan 09
Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.

Please email a mid-shot (head to waist) of yourself in a business suit or business shirt (long-sleeved), your contact number and your availability from 9 February TO 13 February to
Must be able to act and speak in English
Remuneration approximately $300.

If you are new to this form, and want to submit to a casting notice – please take some time and read over “Important Guidelines for Actors” sticky. Thanks a bunch!

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