SVA Short Film casting Asian Female Actress (NY)

The Patron Saint of the Condom (Short Film)
Location: Manhattan
Duration: February 6, 7, and 8th, starts February 6
Payment is on a lo/no/deferred basis.
Director: Nick Gray.

I am currently a student at The School of Visual Arts, and i am directing a short film that will be done through the help of a class with Bob Giraldi. The film tells a story of a goofy young man preparing for a date in his apartment. Before leaving, he grabs his only condom and puts it in his jacket. Later at the restaurant, the character is rummaging through his change and mistakenly hands the coat check girl a tip with the condom in between his crinkly bills. A hilarious quest for the condom ensues. An invitation to his date’s apartment leads to more anxiety for our young Casanova, as he rummages through her bathroom and the streets of New York in search for a replacement. The film conveys the anxious tension characteristic of being on a first date.

Currently seeking a beautiful asian female between the ages of 20-25 years of age, average height, who isn’t afraid of some minor kissing scene, and who would be willing to work for a student at a no pay rate. copy of the reel will be given as part to help portfolio.

If interested, please send headshot & resume to:

If you are new to this form, and want to submit to a casting notice – please take some time and read over “Important Guidelines for Actors” sticky. Thanks a bunch!

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