NEAATO mini-interview with PETER ROCKS creator of MY NINJA TSHIRTS

Whats you’re websites?

Who are ya?
My name is Peter Hong, aka Peter Rocks. I am as a music producer, musician, and creator of My Ninja!


Peter “King” Hong aka “Peter Rocks” is a Los Angeles based musician, producer and engineer that makes Los Angeles disc jockeys’ noses bleed. His work with Homestyle, a live LA-based hip hop band, shot him unlikely acclaim in 1999 as he played keyboards and began to produce for local LA-based artists.

Peter developed as a producer and engineer at LA’s Cherokee Recording Studios, where he learned under Andy Johns. Afterwards, he worked in several other studios, including Hollywood’s elite Fourth Street Recording Studio. While there, he came into his own as he was challenged by Jim Wirt, who has produced hits for Hoobastank, Incubus, Fiona Apple, and other successful artists.

As his own abilities continued to germinate, he became a member of the Recording Academy’s Producers and Engineers Wing and in 2002 founded Soniq Kwality Productions, a music production company committed to delivering fresh artistic and technical direction for today’s music market.

In 2006, Peter began touring worldwide with Quannum recording artist, Pigeon John. It was then when he would meet and work with heavy musical acts across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Peter has toured, recorded, written, produced and engineered music for Pigeon John, Tatum Jones, Far East Movement, Roscoe Umali, Rootbeer, George Clinton, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Dan the Automator, The Pharcyde, Blackalicious, Cut Chemist, RJD2, Miho Hatori, Peeping Tom, Macromantics, and Of Montreal.

He is currently working on the My Ninja! Mixtape that is due Summer of 2009.

Where ya at?

Los Angeles FRESH – there is no better place is the world. Haters out there know it!

How did this idea come about?

My Ninja! is a clothing brand I created back in 2008. I was searching for an artisic outlet other than music. When work turns into work, it can get boring. I found a way to express myself artistically with relatively no fashion and design experience.

Between 2006 to 2008, I began to tour heavily across the U.S, and eventually across the world with Hip Hop artist Pigeon John ( As the only Asian on tour, I began to use the term, “My Ninja!” to all my fellow tour-mates. It was not a new nor original expression, but it began to be my identity.

It was an amazing experience to see crowds that were so ethnically diverse. When I was growing up in the 90’s, there was so much segregation in my school -The white band kids that listened only to Nirvana, STP, and whatever was cool in their culture – The black gangsta rap crowd – and the Asian kids lost between it all.

With so many diverse and eclectic artists, to me, “music is colorblind.” – I think we can all agree on that now.

My Ninja! is not just a shirt, design or a concept, but a statement that reflects my experience on how people can relate together (musically & artistically) on the constant cultural blending our generation faces. This is why I created My Ninja!

Why are you different?

I guess it’s because I’m working in an industry where I have relatively no experience. Everything you see in My Ninja! was done through creative and extremely talented people, but I was there every step of the way to express my creative vision and output.

I like simplicity. People wanted to see more in our shirt designs. However, I wanted something bold and minimal.

What is your goal?

My goal is to eventually take My Ninja! to the next level. Create a fashion brand that doesn’t sell a life style, but a message.


Any friends/links of friends that we should check out?


I play keyboards and produce music for:

Far East Movement –
Pigeon John –
Tatum Jones –
Rootbeer –
Peter Daily –
Roscoe Umail –

Friends of My Ninja!

3 Shape Media ( – they did our photos and website design
FR*A ( – they do our new media
Beat Freaks (
Kollaboration –

Any events coming up?

Tatum Jones show w/ Craig David on April 14 at The Mint in Culver City – 10pm
My Ninja! Sponsoring Blended’s Industry Dance Night at V20 on April 25th with a special live performance by the Beat Freaks.

Flicks/movies you love that others probably haven’t seen?

Here are some movies to catch up on if you’re a little younger:
Bloodsport, The Last Dragon, and The Best of The Best.

Thanks to Peter Rocks

go here:

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