13 Questions with Chef Janet Lo

1. what titles would you give yourself? food lover, food giver, food stylist, chef, artist, story teller, creator…

2. what are your websites? (for now it’s

3. what are you probably most know for? my crazy energy, passion for life, zest for learning, smiley face, and yummy food

4. where do you live/how long and how has it shaped you? born and raised in Toronto, moved to CaLi for my B.A. in Theater at UCLA; took a super senior year and found love, life, and a family of supporting friends & amazing artists, moved to Manhattan right after graduation to pursue my culinary dreams of working at the FoodNetwork (which i achieved in 7 months after i completing an intensive 6 month culinary degree program that whipped me into shape at the Institute of Culinary Education), moved back to Toronto for a year to replenish my soul while working at a high volume well known restaurant and applying to grad school, and as of today am planning to move back to New York for Fall 09 to begin my Graduate studies at NYU in a M.A. Food Systems and Cultures program. — how has it shaped me? 🙂 well… i was on a quest when i moved out of canada to find more in life, to find me, and to live and spend my time to the fullest. i was also looking for love. i am still learning everyday how i relate to the world, and how what i do can make a difference… even if it means leaving the tiniest impression on people or inspiring them in anyway when i leave a place or space. i guess i like to think of it as a symbiotic relationship – places i go shape me because of the people i meet. Mutual love, trust, and respect (or lack of) is exchanged, and i notice the systems in place that people work under and the cultures in which people base their lifestyles on. i like to think that when i enter the picture, that i shape the environment too, by leaving my mark and adapting to where ever i am. as long as i’m constantly growing and moving, i’m happy to be a forever traveller in my own space, wherever that may be.
Having the privilege to grow and study both in canada and the states has definitely given me an inside/outside point of view of both clashingly similar yet vastly different cultures that both countries like to argue ignorantly about. haha

5. favorite asian cuss word? in cantonese “SAY LA!” which isn’t much of a cuss word really, cuz i hate to cuss in chinese — although i’m a huge potty mouth in english
6. what was your ‘aha’ moment where you said ‘this is what i want to do’? my 4th or 5th week at the food network when it was 6am (i’m usually not a morning person) and i was walking onto set so excited after a “i got your back moment” with my co-worker who needed my help, and i felt and said to myself “man, i was BORN to do this!” it felt so good to be good at a job that combined both my passions – story telling and food, and be appreciated for it.

7. what film have you seen the most? what’s the story behind it? hmm movies… wow. a lot that i’ve seen more than once. and it varies from romantic to disney-esque – well i guess usually they’re the feel good ones, b/c there’s enough drama and bs in the world, sometimes i just want to pop in like ‘high school musical’ or ‘a parent trap’ or ‘a walk in the clouds’ or ‘sex in the city’ when i get home from cooking and being on my feet for like 12 – 14 hours straight.

8. favorite dish? why? ughh this question is impossible for me!! favourite dish to make? to to eat? hahaha i can’t ever pick just one thing to eat!! 🙂 hahaha — well i guess, anything with great sauce is a plus — like braised oxtail, jerk duck, honey glazed pork chops, to anything homie like a kick ass lasagne, or a killer couscous salad, chinese style bbq pork and rice? or baked goods? what about cake or banana bread or ice cream? plated desserts? hahahaha i want it alll! and now i’m hungry

9. What would your biopic be called? haha, i’m too young to have a biopic, no? 🙂
i guess i just want it to be called “The life of Janet Lo” because hopefully by the time it comes out, it’ll be honouring the life i had and what i spent my time on earth doing to inspire people.

10. With what movie character do you identify most? hmm, i don’t choose one specific character to relate to because i find all kinds of people relatable, and it’s the actor’s job to bring that story out in the most beautifully vulnerable way possible

11. a charity you would choose to give to. why? i would probably create my own – one that teaches kids in schools how to feed themselves, one that offers cooking classes as part of a curriculum, how to make healthy choices in lifestyle and eating habits, one that gives their parents resources to learn about where to get and how to grow their own food – there are a few out there that already exist like this, which i think is GREAT! 🙂

12. last song stuck in your head? livvi franc’s “now i’m that bitch” – hahahahahaha.

13. what’s new that we should be on the lookout for? links? let me get back to you, i like to stay updated and in the know too! let me dig around 😉 but of course —! 🙂

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