Fans go nuts in Manila

Fans celebrate as they watch the fight between compatriot Manny …
Sun May 3, 1:33 AM ET
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Fans celebrate as they watch the fight between compatriot Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton of Britain for the junior welterweight boxing title at a free screening at a city gymnasium in Tondo, Metro Manila, May 3, 2009. Pacquiao won via TKO in the second round.

Edit: damn, this video isn’t new but it’s still nuts. the bottom story is new:

Pacquiao Cotto Boxing
Philippines goes wild over win MANILA –

BOXING-CRAZY Philippines erupted into a frenzy of joy Sunday after Asian boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao pummelled Puerto Rican champion Miguel Cotto in a history-making bout.  ‘Manny is the greatest. I felt as if I won a million pesos!’ cried a jubilant 50-year-old Dominador Hernandez as he pumped his hands into the air. ‘He is our champion and he will be for a long time.’  A cripple practically all his life, Hernandez limped for two hours on crutches to join about 5,000 other fans who crowded a covered basketball court in Manila’s notorious Tondo slums to watch the fight on a wide screen. Even petty criminals took the day off, officials said, and soldiers fighting militants in the south silenced their guns for the bout.  A shirtless man ran around the streets outside the Tondo gymnasium waving a Philippine flag, and while liquor was banned inside, others outside drank local gin as they listened to a live feed of the bout. Jeeps and cars honked their horns, while the city government distributed bowls of hot porridge to a throng of men and women elbowing each other for space shortly after the fight was stopped.  In Tondo’s other dark alleyways reeking of urine, entire families sat around television sets outside their shanties and passed around beer.  ‘The criminals all watched the fight. Today, we are all one,’ said district chief Marcel de Asis, who said people started lining up at dawn to secure free seats. ‘This is a glorious day for the Philippines especially after the typhoons.’ — AFP
from facebook because i’m lazy: 


Neaato Org nice time article: When the sixth round ended, Manny Pacquiao did a half-pirouette toward his corner, raised his eyebrows like a happy emoticon and beamed a smile that couldn’t be hidden by all the blood in his mouthpiece. Everyone who saw it knew that he knew, at that very moment, that he was going to win the fight.



The Filipino boxer wins by TKO in an electrifying match with Miguel Angel Cotto. But is it enough to save boxing?



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Neaato Org


Neaato Org


it was a celebration for Vegas, which saw large community of immigrant Filipinos buoyed by hundreds who had flown in from the Philippines to cheer their champ. The city had already been abuzz with Pacquiao’s presence the week before. But Pacman, as he is called by his fans, was a cross-over hit too.
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Neaato Org


Neaato Org


“I know I’m Puerto Rican,” said one woman on the plane over from New York, “But I love the Pacman.” The rowdy rivalry between the two island peoples (appropriately abbreviated P.R. vs. R.P., Puerto Rico versus the Republic of the Philippines) did its fair share to rev up excitement in a town that is used to ethnic marketing (note the billboards for visiting superstars from South Korea, north Africa and Israel, alongside those of Bette Midler and Carrot Top).




Neaato Org ” Manny Pacquiao’s legacy has always been discussed in comparison to Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. After his dismantling of Miguel Cotto, it’d be more fitting for him to be compared with the L.A. Lakers and New England Patriots.”

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Neaato Org

Neaato Org jay z gets it: “I shouldn’t be so popular/Name keep poppin’ up, face keep poppin’ up/On the Tube, I’m just watching Pacquiao box ’em up/How would I know HBO would get a shot of us/Sittin’ so close, that we almost got snot on us.” (“Thank-You – Blueprint 3 album”)
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Mark Sacro

Mark Sacro

I’d love to get snot on people someday.
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Neaato Org

Neaato Org

jay z would rap about it lol
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Neaato Org

Neaato Org

turned pdiddy and joe budden into believers: “”Ok… I now believe Cotto is gonna expose Pac & Mayweather won’t have to fight either 1 of’em… Just my opinion, don’t knock me 4 it,” he explained. “Smart move Pacman, pray…. A LOT !!! Cotto don’t look ready for Pacman… Neither 1 looks ready for Mayweather !!! GoodniRead More



Slaughterhouse, Diddy and Q-Tip checked in Saturday (November 14) night to share their Twitter reactions of boxer Manny Pacquiao successfully defeating Miguel Cotto in a publicized Las Vegas match-up.

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Neaato Org

Neaato Org

lol every black person is goin for mayweather..even qtip! “”@mayweathermania…. u gonna close the deal with old man arum and kick manny’s a**??,” he wrote. “RT @JeanGreasy: “Thanks Pac Man its up to @MAYWEATHERMANIA …. a superfight of sugar ray leonard vs. roberto duran proportions!!!!” (Q-Tip’s Twitter)”
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Neaato Org

Neaato Org “I didn’t know from where the punches were coming,” Cotto said.
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Neaato Org

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Neaato Org

Neaato Org The welterweight ranks will be the last ones Pacquiao conquers, though. “This is the last weight division for me,” Pacquiao said. “It’s history for me and more importantly a Filipino did it.”


LAS VEGAS — Manny Pacquiao weighed in at 144 pounds, his heaviest ever, while Miguel Cotto came in at the contract limit of 145 pounds for their scheduled 12-round fight. A raucous crowd of about …

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Neaato Org

Neaato Org

“I knew when Cotto started backing up, the fight was over,” Roach said. Pacquiao earned a minimum $13 million, while Cotto got $7 million.
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Neaato Org

Neaato Org wth? this dude not watch the fight to record his mom? lol
Mom watching Pacquiao Cotto with my brother and sister

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Neaato Org

Neaato Org not pacman highlight, but dunk of the year so far
Click here to make $$$ with your Cell Phone Wade Dunks On Anderson Varejao (HD 720p)

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Neaato Org

Neaato Org just nasty

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Neaato Org

Neaato Org It was a night for Asian boxers and Asian culture. Two of the undercards featured Asian boxers, and both won, and the American national anthem was sung by Filipino-American American Idol finalist Ramiele Malubay. Filipino Richie Mepanum won the first undercard bout against Ernie Marquez by split decision, while Filipino Eden “Magnifico” Sonsona demolished Eilon Kedem by 2nd round TKO.


Filipino boxer Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao answered his critics tonight, winning his eleventh fight in a row (and fiftieth overall) by roundly defeating Miguel Cotto in a TKO in the twelfth round.

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Kate Agathon

Kate Agathon

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Neaato Org

Neaato Org pacman is the filipino bruce lee. just too fast. de la hoya said it was like 10 guys in the ring. now cotta knows lol


One comment on “Fans go nuts in Manila

  1. Translation Chicago
    November 16, 2009

    Hehe, ang saya ng mga Pinoy nung manalo si Pacman! Parang New Year! The best ka talaga Manny!

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