why you should go to BANANA event this SAT and the meaning of life


 go here: http://www.tinyurl/banana1121 hosted by lac su and steve nguyen.

neaato on stuff:

on the banana conference:

to tell you the truth, i don’t know what’s going to come out of the banana event, but i guess that’s like most events, you meet,

greet, add to your facebook friends list. is there anything else? jk

to be honest, i’m not sure what’s going to come out of it, but it’s a neaat (ding!) idea. you know those old black and white

pictures of asian americans back in the day, w/ their bell bottoms and hippy clothes where they were doing something important,

like they were the asian american black panthers? fists in the air. mustaches and beards on their faces. i always wanted to have

one of those pictures. how else can vh1 do a ‘where at they now’ episode w/out that  picture. that ALONE is why this conference

is important. so be there…and leave your bell bottoms at home. 

kidding aside. this is the first kind of this kind of event. what do you have to lose? and if you missed it because you went to watch 2012 or because it’s “40 min away”, then you just won the award for worst excuse ever lol.
on being an AA blogger:

to tell you the truth, i’m not, or don’t think i am. i don’t remember the last it time i wrote a real blog. i just share things

on facebook now. i’m more of a ‘sharer’ than a ‘blogger’. fastest sharer in the west. look at my past blog posts, it’s probably a

photoshoot of lee hyori or a video of pac-man’s new movie. basically my blog is like an asian american maxim magazine, if maxim

ran grace park on every issue.


on the banana term:

i’m basically the definition of banana, white on inside, yellow on outside. i’m so white/ameicanized, i don’t even think racist

things are racist anymore. miley cyrus making squinty eyes? silly, but i don’t think racist. pau gasol? same thing. avatar

putting in white people instead of asians? about money more than racism. someone yelling chink as they drive by? more ignorant

than racism. i’m so white-washed, if someone yelled “chink” i wouldn’t even get what they are saying. it’s like if i drove next

to white people and yelled….”stupid SWEDES!!”. they would just think, “uh…okay”. or if someone yelled “dumb columbians!!” to

a group of mexicans. it just doesn’t make sense to me anymore. it’s just words and people trying to pick a race, and usually the

wrong one at that.

more on racism:

it’s also getting to the point where people are saying everything is racist when it’s not. it’s like people don’t say racist

jokes at home. guess what? everyone does. asian americans can make jokes about ourselves but anyone that’s not asian can’t? what

about half asians? what about mexicans? what about the mexican comeidan that does nail shop jokes? she’s funny so she passes. so

then what is racist? only when the majority thinks it’s funny? who decides what is funny? i don’t even know anymore! lol
what we are, are more hipocrites than anything. why don’t blacks support asians americans and vice versa? is that racism? again,

i don’t know!!  but maybe thats a good thing. maybe that’s how it should be. maybe we shouldn’t know what the term racism means.

like if a 12 year old african american kid right now growing up doesn’t even know when the last time they were “oppressed”. maybe

MLK would be proud that kids are living in a world where they don’t even know the meaning of oppression or racism. of course

there is racism still, but think there is a difference between real racism and just silly racism.


on going to BANANA conference:

i’m not. why? because it’s going to be taped and there’s not going back after something is taped. that’s why i like facebook so

much, you can delete your comments. oh how i love that function. almost as much as the “HIDE applications” function. ever wonder

why they even made that “delete” function in the first place? for dopes like me who say something and then  regret it. i regret

everything.  i’m like your old neurotic grandpa that never goes anywhere, makes fun of people and eats cheetos with chopsticks so

their fingers won’t get all orange. or maybe that’s just my grandpa.   

so neaato won’t be there at all?

neaato will be there. i’m sending my intern donnytello. that’s right, the nerdy ninja turtle. he’ll be representing all of us

here in neaato land. it may seem like a one man crew, but we have a pretty big crack staff. i say crack staff because they all do

crack. all day, all night, crack crack crack. how else do you think they stay up so late? neaato also has one rep from each asian

country, making sure their news gets out hot and fresh. this just in, they’re remaking “Fists of Fury” with Dustin Nguyen as

Bruce Lee. No, not really.

on Steve and Lac:

this is basically the reason why everyone should be going. lac probably doesn’t know this, but i remember this contest back in

myspace days (BF: before facebook) where people entered their myspace profile pic and i remember this image of a floating

vietnamese kids head as their profile pic. i don’t think i ever vote for those kinds of things but i voted for that. i have no

idea what it was, who won or whatever, but i thought it was funny and simple. i also remember something about getting their story

published in a book. and lo and behold, it got published!! hot damn! not only that, i get a autographed book in the mail and

thanks for supporting the book. how cool is that? (i still haven’t made a big blog about that which i will/should. like i said, i

basically stopped blogging). but lac was a man of his words. i read the book, teared up (i’m a big baby) and enjoyed it.

as far as steve, i saw lac’s videos about his book and thought, man, these are well done. guess who that was? that’s right,

steve-o. those apa videos? steve. those flip HD videos? steve. plus he’s from riverside so big ups to that (riverside in the

house!). the more i talked to these guys, i found out we had similiar backgrounds. vietnamese, media, lakers, basketball, pho.

what else is there? oh yea, and promoting AA issues, stories, etc. so if these cats put in all this work for you, it’s a shame

not to go.
on other AA bloggers:

i read them all. everything and anything. they probably hate me because i probably copy and pasted their work because of my

laziness, so i apologize for that. truth is, well, i’m lazy. i have been copying and pasting my FACEBOOK wall for goodness sakes.

that way, i keep my wall, and i link back to the original blogger. no harm no foul. howevever, i used to copy and paste

everything before because i wanted to keep things for myself. i have another blog called and i

basically copy/pasted everything. why? because everytime i linked to something, that link would be gone!! and that sucked major

balls. so after that i just copied and pasted things and categorized them for me and anyone else that wanted to research that

topic. but in the AA blog world, you can’t really do that. it’s too small and too personal.
more on blogs:
like i said, i read everything. every blog i can get my grubby little hands on. doesn’t matter if i agree or disagree, they post

interesting stuff. you can’t agree w/ everyone or disagree w/ everyone. you pick your battles and move on. but i respect them

because it’s news and i’m a news junkie. i read about over 100 so blogs a day on my google reader. i’m that kid that would go to

barnes and nobles and just get a huge stack of magazines and books and just camp out and read. before barnes was the library. i

got so many late fees i probably could have bought a library. but now the interwebz has all that and you can sit in your pajamas.
on using the internet all day:
everyone asks me, are you on the internet all day? i don’t know, but i do know people that ask that are usually on as much as me

or as late as me. truth is i do everything too much. i read alot of blogs. i like it aloot (say like jim carrey in dumb and

dumber) it has replaced my magazine habit. i watch alot of sports. i mean, alooot. college bball, football, nba, hockey, soccer,

you name it. i ball, i work, i sleep on weekends….alot. i just do everything alot. i can’t explain it. i think what i do is

normal. i’m a nerd. nerds get it. nerds don’t go clubbing, maybe that explains it.

on getting into AA culture:

i was always into AA culture without even knowing it. it was natural i guess. i remember yolk magazine. remember that magazine?

sure you do. sung hi lee. milk (woops wrong cover) sung hi lee + butterfly wings. jet li. jackie chan punching his fist (wait,

maybe that’s every magazine jackie chan is on the cover for). yolk was basically kinda like the first maxim for asian americans,

except in a condensed to go package. i would love getting my YOLK fix in the mail. but like everything AA, it was here and gone.

there were more AA mags but i don’t even remember them but i collected them all. korean american mags, asian buisness mags, giant

robot, if they were asian, i wanted it lol. if someone can post a list of asian american mags they read that would be great. i

still have some of those mags too. sadly some i have no clue what happened to them, i wish i still had them. but that’s how it

started, thanks to YOLK. although after awhile, i realized how shitty it was because i read it in 10 minutes. more content!! hey,

maybe thats a good problem to have. better than shitty content.

how AA mags/blogs have changed:
i remember reading yolk or even asian avenue crap and thinking, man, this is the same shit over and over!! okay, we get it!!!

everyone loves bruce lee or russel wong. is there ANyTHING else. and to be honest, not until this THIS YEAR, thanks to facebook, AA

blogs, channel apa, etc, is when i started ‘sharing’ and posting alot more. EVERYDAY, i shared at LEAST 10-15 AA news. whether it

was undocumented students, AA entertainment news, or whatever, but it was a flurry of NEW news!!!!!! it wasn’t the same jackie

chan story. it was real and it was important. where was THIS all my life?
on facebook vs blogs:

again, like i said before, i stopped blogging due to laziness. i don’t know how to use html to make my blog pretty. i don’t know

how to use adsense. i’m basically an idiot when it comes to those things. one day though, i promise i will make it look decent.

anways, i’m basically on faceboook now because it seems thats where everyone is. and if thats where people are, thats where i go.

you get to interact much more in my opinion that on blogs. i met SOOOOOO many interesting people on a DAILY basis. again AA media

has grown like crazy.

i remember an old boss that would refuse to use youtube because he said thats where everyone was, but he wanted people to go to

HIS video site. i kept telling him, people are on youtube though, but he kept figuring that is his competition, we can’t go

there. that’s how i feel about facebook, the crowd is there. sure you want to get people to your blog, but they’re all on

faceboook. i think if i had more hits or made money off my blog, i would be like…..”come hither to my blog!” but since i

haven’t figured that out…..yet, i’m going to be more facebook then bloggy blog. hey who knows, maybe that will change.
on AA influences:
so other than yolk, asian american mags and clubs from high school to college, there are people that change your lives and to me

movers and shakers. a couple people come to mind and interestingly enough, they’re all female.

first is kym pham or kym possible. she invited me to vascon and that was the most vietnamese students i’ve seen in my life. thing

is, i went to the university of arizona. i’m from cali, raised in cali, but college at the u of a (go pac 10?). anyhoo, arizona

don’t got no AA people. well not much. i never went to no AA film fests. nothing, nada. then i go to VASCON in austin, tx. i take

a friggin train because i’m broke and ghetto. that was a long ass train trip, but it was worth it. it was just an overall neaat

(ding!!) experience. so that was big. kym later put together ‘hay qua’ an event in ny, which again got me to go out of my comfort

zone to ny (first time) and meet tons more creative viet-americans. basically, all this blog stuff probably would not happen if

not for kym.

another huge influence: ysa and viet film fest. again, instead of train, i drove 8 hours to the OC to volunteer for this film

fest for the 2 weeks. again, first time i met this many viet film makers in a room. just overall exciting stuff, and the people

organizing it couldn’t be friendlier. i watched some great flicks and some that made me proud to be viet. tear. some really bad

ones too. tear. hey, they can’t all be good!!

vc film fest and staff: super duper friendly, again another great film fest and organization. if i could, i would volunteer every

year with them.

san diego film fest: what a treat i had for this one. you’re in SD, and the theater is basically next door to the hotel. films

and karoke, what else do you want?

peachies: that’s right, ANOTHER female influence. damn, where all the dudes at. if not for lac and steve, the dudes are lookin

pretty bad lol. jk. anyhoo, i remember again myspace days of all these AA bands on her myspace and i was always thinking, hot

damn!! there’s THAT many AA musicians/artists out there?? i had no clue. and i’m crazy slow to find out new acts. i just found

out about blue scholars recently and i’m was on their webpage almost everyday so i can listen to their music while i worked. i

basically gave up on hip hop for a long couple years and only recently because of them, LAST FM website, and the roots ‘rising

down’ has sucked me back in.
on AA people on facebook:
i add everyone. and i’m amazed by peoples works. films, photography, everyone. i have go get back to categorizing and sharing everyones work but there is some good stuff out there. 90% crappy stuff, but that just makes the 10% good stuff even better.

last words:

anyhoo, i’m tired and that’s that. i’ll probably delete this post like i delete my comments lol.

hope everyone goes to BANANA. again, i have no clue why neaato was invited, but like i said, if team lac+steve had the balls to

put this stuff together, then you should go check it out. say hi to neaato intern donnytello while you’re there too. he’s the one

w/ the the stick for a weapon. make sure to byob (bring your own bananas) to throw at him.

 go here: http://www.tinyurl/banana1121 hosted by lac su and steve nguyen.

 go here: http://www.tinyurl/banana1121 hosted by lac su and steve nguyen.

more on banana:


Feel free to use this flyer to plug onto your site.

*Notice the room change to Taper Hall Room 101 (instead of 201)

BANANA: November 21

Where Infamous Asian-American Bloggers Unite to Chop It Up

Saturday, November 21, 2009
3:00pm – 6:00pm
University of Southern California (USC)
University Park Campus, Taper Hall, Room 101
Los Angeles, CA
Before I start…can it be more EPIC than this?

I’m Lac Su, author of a recently published memoir titled “I Love Yous Are For White People”. I would like invite you to an event I’m organizing called BANANA, a FIRST-EVER gathering and round-table discussion/panel of infamous Asian American bloggers; where we will get into important discussions about the future of our voice, where it will lead to, and how we can come together to find common grounds and focused endeavors to voice our opinions about relevant issues affecting our community. Why? Because the time is a-changing. We rise.

Steve Nguyen, a television/film producer and head of the Los Angeles division, will be there to co-host and capture the event on film to help promote our voices and to introduce the faces behind such blogs.

The event will be at U.S.C. (University Park Campus – Taper Hall, Room 101) on November 21st in the afternoon. Folks from different culture, race, ethnicity, religion, educational background, social economic status, age, gender, profession…ANYONE & EVERYONE ARE ALL INVITED.

The agenda will be as followed:

1. Bloggers Meet and greet (12 – 1 pm)
2. Seating Arrangements, Film Crew Debriefing, Sound check and testing (1 – 3 pm)
3. Doors open to the public (3:00 pm – 6:00 pm) – To be filmed
4. Introduction to the public
5. Discussions about specific AA/APA/API topics and issues
6. Q & A
7. Meet and greet public/photos
8. Social Gathering at Zip Fusion Sushi (7pm)

Infamous bloggers expected to attend:

Angry Asian Man

“I’m not as angry as you think. Yes, racism angers me. But I’m not here sitting in front of the computer, hating “whitey” and plotting revolution. This is just a subject that has always interested me — pointing out racism and noting any and all appearances of Asians in mass media and popular culture (the good and the bad). It’s something I care about. So I’ve created a little space on the web for it all… I suppose the angry part sometimes scares people, but rest assured, I’m a pretty civil, reasonable guy. Just don’t cross me.”

Minority Militant

“I blog because I feel no one speaks on behalf of me. Therefore, I’m a militant in that regard. I’m a minority because the minority I’m lumped in with also doesn’t speak up for me. I am by no means a “model minority” and take offense to that term. Hence, I am The Minority Militant. I care deeply about humanity. I am brutally candid. I am relentless about racism. I cuss like a foul-mouthed sailor. I only use words 95% of the English speaking world understands. I love sarcasm as an alternate medium of communication. And really, I could give a flying monkey-fuck what you think about my opinions. Surveys, standardized tests, and questionnaires make me gag. I firmly believe intellectualism cannot give you all the answers, just a few pieces of the puzzle. The rest is up for discussion. ”


“8 Asians is a collaborative blog of Asian-Americans and Asian-Canadians. But once you look past the fact that we fill out the same bubble in a census survey, you’ll see that we don’t have much in common, and as you’ll soon see, that’s not such a bad thing. We’ll be posting about whatever Asian issues are currently relevant in our lives, whether it be pop culture or current events or politics.”

Hyphen Magazine

“The Asian American landscape has changed since we published our first issue, and we are proud that Hyphen has been a part of the dialogue. When we started Hyphen, we didn’t know that we would create such a far-reaching community. When we first gathered around that kitchen table, it was simply because we were driven by a hunger for a more complex representation of Asian America. And when none presented itself, we decided to do it ourselves.”

Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP)

“Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP) is a national network of progressive Asian Americans and allies. We are a 501 (c) 4 that organizes educational programs with an affiliated political action committee (PAC) that endorses candidates and engages in more partisan activities.

At APAP, the term “progressive” refers not only to a general set of beliefs that are classified as progressive or liberal, but also in terms of your approach to politics. The term “progressive” can also be used to identify people who use new technology or who are interested in bringing new people into the political process. Basically, it’s anyone who is forward-thinking.”

Mochi Magazine

“Mochi Magazine is a new online magazine specifically for Asian American teen girls! You are probably wondering, “Who (whatwhenwherewhyhow) is Mochi?” Until a few months ago, we were, like you, looking for relevant hair and makeup tips, advice regarding cultural confusion and racial identity. Many of us were looking without even realizing it at the time. But we figured out eventually that we were seeking something that simply did not exist.”


“Our goal is simple: To connect you with Asian American Pacific Islander pioneers and leaders from fields as diverse as politics, business, sports and entertainment, and inspire and empower AAPIs to find their voice and stand with vigor in everything they do! We want to make the accomplishments of Asian Americans visible, because so often, we’re invisible.”

Neaato (Network of Entertaining Asian American Talent)

“I once searched Asian American Casting on google and didn’t find anything. NOTHING! With all the Asian Film Fests out there you think there would be a place for Asian Americans in the Entertainment field to find each other easy. But no! So I made this. 😉 You can thank me later when you have a makeout scene with Kiera Knightly or Johnny Depp. (Or if you’re REALLY lucky, Geoffrey Rush).”

Antisocial Ladder

“I whine like a minority about race, gender, and privilege in popular culture. And I’m damn good, too…”

Bicoastal Bitchin’

“We’ll amuse, empower, and anger you with our take on politics, pop culture, and those racist WTF moments that occur far too often. From NYC to Oaktown to the Sucka Free, we’ll keep you informed and mildly entertained.”

DVAN (Diasporic Vietnamese American Network)

“DVAN’s aim is to promote artists from the Vietnamese Diaspora whose work in literature, visual art, film and performance art enriches our communities and strengthens ties between Vietnamese across the globe. We undertake to support this body of work through cultural events, exhibits and publications that explore connections between art and society.”


“The concept is simple: every day we will try to post a video of interest to Asian Americans such as music, movies, and comedy.”


“ is the leading Asian American Lifestyle Magazinne on the internet! Add us as a friend and get updated with all the latest news catered for all the Asian American’s out there.”

” My philosophy on being Asian American is that you can’t just pigeonhole a group of people. As a result, I will link to a variety of sites, even those that may not be politically correct or fit my own views, but I try to be as open minded about the sites that are added as possible as long as they aren’t promoting anything illegal. My belief is that a stereotype is created because of a lack of images. So, my own solution is to show all possible images and let the viewers choose for themselves. The more diversity in images both positive and negative, the less stereotyping is possible.”

Nikkei View

“Although I was born in Japan, I’m a third generation Japanese American, or Sansei — my father was born in Hawaii and my mother is from Japan. I was born in Tokyo as a military brat, and our family moved to the U.S. when I was 8 years old. I have vivid memories of Japan from my childhood, but my consciousness is American. I love the fact that I’m a product of both cultures, and with these columns, I hope to serve as a bridge to make sense of Japanese for Americans, and vice versa for Japanese.”

Kimchi Mamas

“What better name for a blog written by a group of Korean and married-to-Korean mothers than Kimchi Mama? After all, we’re a little spicy, plenty fiery, and sometimes? We like to get pickled….
Are you strong with a sharp a sharp bite? You might be a Kkaktugi Mama.
Are you mellow and sublime? Perhaps you’re a Dong Chimi Mama.
Maybe your cool exterior presents one face to the world, but inside you’re full of surprises, you Possam Mama, you.”

Sepia Mutiny

“What does Sepia Mutiny mean?
It’s a pun that combines the name of the first widespread rebellion against the British Raj with sepia, an ink associated with photography that is described as a “shade of brown with a tinge of red.” But you knew all that, clever reader.

What does desi mean?
It’s slang for the cultures of South Asia and the diaspora. It’s similar to homeboy, paesano or boricua. Etymology: deshi, Hindi/Urdu for ‘from the country,’ ‘from the motherland.’ Pronounced ‘they-see,’ it’s the opposite of pardesi, foreigner.

What is South Asia?
It’s the countries in the area of the Indian subcontinent which share common ethnic and cultural roots (food, family, Bollywood). SAJA opines that South Asia includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives. The U.S. State Department also includes Afghanistan.

What is the South Asian diaspora?
Communities of desis who emigrated from South Asia. Large diasporic communities are in the U.S., UK, Canada, Africa, the West Indies, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia. You’ll even see the occasional sardar in Norway.”


“A podcast featuring interviews, news, games and the best in J-pop, K-pop and other Asian pop music today. Just like radio, only not! Hosted by Toronto’s Christine Miguel”


“My name is Byron Wong, and I am an Asian American writer and activist in the Portland, OR area. I am a former blogger/admin on the Fighting 44s, a current blogger on Rice Daddies, the father of a 3 year old baby boy and 8 month old baby girl, and a future novelist. This site was started on September 23, 2008, and I’m using it to bring (hopefully) good content to people who take an intellectual approach to solving the problems of our day, especially with respect to Asian American cultural issues. I hope that activists of all stripes and persuasions will join me here–my only caveat is that I’m aiming to engage with live activists rather than armchair activists who hide behind the web. In other words, this blog is aimed mostly at people of action.”

Asian American Movement

“We are building an Asian/API Movement that stands for full equality, social justice, and social change.”


The bloggers below will be there in spirit and will help support and promote the event at their blogs:

Alpha Asian

“As Asian Americans,we can’t ask for respect and representation from traditional forms of mass media, like TV and movies. Asking for representation from Hollywood means someone else has the power to decide our image.”

The Internet, however, is open to everybody, and Asians are using it to create more honest representations of their communities.The Alpha Asian Blog showcases anything on the Net that Asians and Asian Americans are creating and making headlines about.”


“Two Asian American chicks’ “slant” on pop culture, sports, indie rock, fashion, news of the weird, race, politics, and identity.”

* PRESS WELCOME to attend any part of the event.

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