happy new years everyone! 2009 was interesting. we’ve moved from xanga to aim to blogs to facebook really. and each time the community got a little bigger. you had a handful of people on xanga, then some on AIM, now facebook combines almost all that. new way to interact/find/be inspired by new and old friends everyday. for the first time ever, we’re getting news everyday coming to us w/out having to find out about it.

anyhoo i wanted to thank those that keep’s neaato inspired. as the image above says: i love nice people that make cool things.

for many people, it’s hard for them to find inspiration. for me it’s opposite, i’m inspired every day/minute looking at a million things online, thanks mostly to those below me.

anyhoo….on to the awards! (no real order to it, other than looking on my wall lol. and if i missed anyone it was because i was lazy, sorry)

best stylist/quote giver:

linda kwon

Best flag worn with ao dai: Quynh Tran

best skateboarder @ tennis court Annie Hoang

best name given to dog (butters): kimmie uson
best model search competition: anh oi

ANH OI Launches 2010 Model Search
By:Anh Oi
best do it all/anything is possible person: kym pham

best facebook posts: brian kirby
best book: lac su…
best blipper and magnum pi impersonator: lisa nguyen
most anticipated album/best comicon costumes: stuart loui (in the key of s)
best nonprofit: Mimi Nguyen
best aa interviews with flip cam: steve nguyen

best picture of someone leaning onf a wooden fence: linda truong
best oddest profile pic: leslie tom
best mummy cupcakes: susan tran
best taste in movies: nikki

best mua/fanpage: staci nguyen

best photo series:
photographer: marc sacro

best aa comedian/mc: pk

best host: mai bui
best style blog: tiffany duong

best jewerly making etsy: dani nguyen
best spoken word actress: jennii le

best aa hip hop links: kimle nguyen
best facebook pic of broken off toenails: isabelle du

best yelper: pauline le
best magazine cover: judy ly

best ‘does everything’ award: viktor
best online sensation over hello kitty/streaming fashion shoot: gina tran

best video production in vietnam / best sexy girls in bathroom video: brittany tran and sfilmpro
best human turned avatar: nancy hua
best artwork i’d like to touch: angie hu
best most anticipated music videos: danny do
best food medicine recommender: sheena chou……
best quad-athlete, parachuting/rock climbing/surfing/biking – ginnie phong

best table lover/ filmmaker/ new blogger/photographer – nadine truong, warriors fan: dominic mah:

best facebook posts: kate agathon

best kpop profile pic/medical illustrator: nelson wah
best artsy posts: emily malan
best viet tv show i’ve never seen because it was never on youtube: chelsey le

best jay z wax figure: james demmitt
best english/viet teacher/laker fan: donna tran

best tat w/ matching kitchen utensil and apparel/etsy maker- jennipho tran
best jordans/mc: theresa vu

michael jacksonesque…
best fashion tumblr/etsy: teresa hu
best comic con pics/updates: tammy bui
best dmx impersonation: caroline vu
best michael jackson tribute: vudoo vu
best taste: sally kim / / /
best short story: jenni trang le
called life ACCORDing to my honda:
best viet film fest director/ice sculpturer: ysa le
best viral video actress/ illustrated profile pic: grace su
best cliff diver: stephane gauger
best profile pics: tim bui
best houston rockets updates: terry terr
best teen choice awards facebook updates: don le
best spoken word/punch eater: vinh hua
best etsy scarves: nellie le

best facebook links: mads monsen
best model/cartoonist/poloroid photographer (see flickr): Crystelle Vu
best wal mart skipper: alex vu
best pic by furnace: richie edquid
best facebook links/music blog: johnny star lee
best idea for birthday charity matching/best stache: nam nguyen
best bejeweled facebook player: mindy chow
best facebook profile pic with a penguin: mark tran
best holiday cards (which inspired this blog actually. thx xuan!): xuan le
best jeremy lin updates: dream league
best leg lickin pic: tony vin
best flickr/laker comments: long lim

best illustrated proflie pic/new tumblr: sean marc lee
by  kozyndan

best notes: long-cuu phan

best links from clothing store: shelf life clothing
best links/use of santa hat: cate park
best posts/artist promoting blog: eric nakarumura
best links/animated profile pic: anderson le
best plush toy/blogger: Edo Penano
best taste in films: nicole nikki
best dinosaur historian: lyndzi trang
best modeling with use of middle finger: marie digby comedian/facebook status updater while in hospital: Tony Vinh:

best video on banh mi ever: bao nguyen

Banh and Mi from Bao Nguyen on Vimeo.

best updates from korea: Anthony Thai

best family historian project idea: Andre Nguyen
best ‘best of 2009’ post:
this one! woot woot!
best viet mini fest + banh mi taste off:
Official Website:
best mtv guest blogger:  dawen
best laker updates: wella angeles

best food flickr: jennkitty

best film scoring: george shaw,

best sharks fan: victoria nguyen

best facebook news reporter/viet charity: leyna nguyen

best karoke youtuber: leena

best model that never models: linh truong

best fashion designer: Pha le

best taste in pics (meaning clicked ‘like’ on almost all my facebook pics woot woot!) : michelle banzer

most likely to root against pac-man: brenda nguyen

best name: brookshield tran

6 comments on “NEAATO’S BEST OF FACEBOOK FOR 2009

  1. Pauline
    January 2, 2010

    Great list! I should add this to my resume! =D

  2. Quynh
    January 4, 2010

    Great categories!!

  3. ANH OI
    January 5, 2010

    awesome list! we hope we make it back on for 2010!

  4. ginnie phong
    January 11, 2010

    nice list buddy!

  5. Ed Penano
    January 18, 2010

    HauteAzifug list! EnJoi it immensely!

  6. wellxah
    January 20, 2010

    OMG i just saw this…thank you thank you *patting back*…i’m a little slow on the laker updates this season…i think i better step my game up to make it to the 2010 list 🙂

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