lilly allen, chinese bus drivers, elvis spanking, vicki blows, avatar dvd will have sex scene, japanese man sets paper airplane record, and mo


lilly allen

lily allen

lily allen

lily allen

lily allen


bus drivers in china:

museum of human body in netherlands:

when did britain all of a sudden love natural boobs? isn’t that odd. but in a way i guess that’s better than in somewhere like brazil where everyone has fake boobs right? i don’t know.

blows and flabber

tim walker hermes spring catalog 


“Synecdoche, New York” is the best film of the decade. It intends no less than to evoke the strategies we use to live our lives. After beginning my first viewing in confusion, I began to glimpse its purpose and by the end was eager to see it again, then once again, and I am not finished.

‘Avatar’ Sex Scene Will Be Included on the DVD

sleepin on the job

good tip

mg65Z.jpg (904×603)


good for britain, cause we all know they got F’d up teeth there.

Alfred E. Neuman

A group of British scientists suggest that you will soon be able to replace missing teeth by growing replacements.

New Paper Airplane Flight Record Achieved

paper plane enthusiast

A Japanese man has set a new world record for “maximum time aloft” for a paper airplane.

i miss listening to garbage. i should break out my old cds

Buy This:The Thumb Thing” reading ring.

Tom the Dancing Bug.

Street Art of the Day: CAPTCHA tag by Aram Bartholl.

Part of Bartholl’s multimedia object and urban intervention project, “Are you human?

youtube this trailer now lol

what to do w/ your xmas tree

via the daily what

Heads-Up of the Day: By overwhelming demand, Ibraheem Youssef’s insta-classic series of Quentin Tarantino tribute posters (previously) are now on sale via Youssef’s website.

Buy This: Monostache” by Idle Hands Designs.

Sean Skube:Wolverine & Cyclops Switch Powers

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