wutang x beatles is the new jayz x beatles

pretty cool, just doesn’t mix beatles but beatles covers AND old school soundbits. very cool mix. 

check old dirty bastard singing beatles OVER well…the beatles lol. 

didn’t really like them using the chorus of ‘baby i got your money’, think it would be better w/out it, but whatevers, i do like them using the BEATLES version of saying ‘give me all your money’. that’s just genius!


can’t remember which vid is where odb sings over beatles, but it’s a must hear lol. 



get it here:

more here:

interview w/ creator here: from 28 year old teacher:

 On Monday evening Mr. Caruana spoke to ArtsBeat about the making of “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers,” the comparisons to “The Grey Album” and why he thinks he’s allowed to create such a work. These are excerpts from that conversation.  Q. Where did the inspiration for “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers” come from?  A. This project came about unintentionally, really. I’d done a Large Professor remix album and an MF Doom one, and then I was starting on a Wu-Tang one. One of the tracks that’s on there, “R.E.C. Room,” I made a couple of years ago. I had this easy-listening record of this orchestra playing cover versions of lots of different ’60s stuff. It had this instrumental version of “Girl,” and the whole thing was just stunning. But I didn’t want to just take a little bit of it. I took the whole song, and sped it up to the right tempo, so it has the complete arrangement and feel of the original Beatles song. Then I made the “C.R.E.A.M.” remix. And then I was like, O.K., I’ve got two tracks now that have Beatles samples with Wu-Tang a cappellas. A few days later I found Ol’ Dirty Bastard talking on YouTube about how he was influenced by the Beatles. And I just thought: This is it.

more interview here:

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