VNLC and VAALA Presents: Cinema Symposium 5: A Short Film Competition: Operation Greenlight: Breaking into the World of Vietnamese Cinema

VNLC and VAALA Presents: Cinema Symposium 5

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Cinema Symposium 5
Operation Greenlight :Breaking into the World of Vietnamese Cinema

CN5 aims to bring together Vietnamese-American professionals working in the film industry whose achievements in front of and behind the camera advance and celebrate Vietnamese identity and culture.

Drawing from a range of professions and backgrounds, panelists will answer questions from the audience regarding all aspects of the filmmaking process, as well as showcase clips from their most recent works…. (read more)
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http://vietfilmfest.comOffice:UCLA CampusLocation:Westwood, CA
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News:Cinema Symposium 5

Operation Greenlight: Breaking into the World of Vietnamese Cinema

HIDDEN GENIUS: A Short Film Competition

Rules of the contest:
·The entire submission cannot be longer than five minutes (300 seconds) in length. Submissions in excess will be automatically disqualified.
·The film must feature a title and name of at least one director.
·Films that follow at least one of the preferred criteria will be given the strongest consideration
—–The director(s) must be of ethnic Vietnamese descent, loosely defined
—–The central theme of the film pertains to the Vietnamese experience.
·The films will be evaluated according to their artistic and technical value by the symposium organizational committee. Five short films will be selected to be screened at Cinema Symposium 5 on April 18, 2010 at UCLA.
·Multiple submissions per person or group are permitted, but each submission requires a separate application.
·The film must be comprehensible to an English-speaking audience. Subtitles are acceptable.
·Members of the organizational symposium committee or of the grand jury are automatically disqualified from the competition.

Instructions for submission:
·Please upload your film onto YouTube and submit an application form providing details about your film (including where to find it) to the symposium organizational committee. If you do not submit an application form, your film will not be considered for nomination.
·If your film is among the 5 short films nominated, you will be contacted by the symposium organization committee to submit a high-quality digital copy of your film to be screened at the symposium and judged by the panelists. These copies will be returned to you. We strongly request that you attend the symposium in order to be honored for your accomplishment.

Two awards will be handed out during the evening:

· Grand Jury Award, a $500 cash prize, will be awarded by the panelists of Cinema Symposium 5, comprised of prominent filmmakers/producers in the Vietnamese film community. The judging will take place at the event.
· Audience Award – a $250 cash prize– sponsored by CocoParis LLC ( ): At the end of the screening, the audience will vote on their favorite short film. Those votes will be counted and the results announced at the end of the symposium.

Application form can be downloaded here from .

Please email the completed application form to this address:

Deadline: March 15th, 2010 at 11:59PM PST.

If you have any questions, please email Lee Ngo, Co-Director of Cinema Symposium 5, at

Good luck!

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