rice in the hall of fame! best receiver ever





Jerry Rice made his NFL debut as a San Francisco 49er in 1985, then went on to play for the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks in his 20-year career. (Getty Images)

The wideout who was deemed too small and too slow to become a solid NFL player when he came out of miniscule Mississippi Valley State in 1985 went on to break nearly every receiving record the NFL has.

Rice owns the record for most career receiving touchdowns (197), most career total touchdowns (208), most career receptions (1,549) and most career receiving yards (22,895), among many others.

“It’s something my parents instilled in me,” Rice said before choking up, thinking of his deceased father who taught him to catch bricks, picturing his mother who welcomed anybody into their Crawford, Miss., home and made them dinner.

“It was just hard work. Hard work and an appreciation for the game, and I love this game. It means everything to me.”

“My father just taught me hard work and to just go out there and put the time in,” Rice said. “He taught me discipline and also about responsibility. I just wanted to carry that work ethic on when I went to San Francisco.”

“I think that myth has grown a little bit over the years, but I did help my dad out by catching the bricks he threw down to me,” Rice said.


Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:



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