jet li the humanitarian

“It’s not like in the movies. The water just rose so fast. I picked up my four-year-old daughter Jane and the baby-sitter got Jada, and we ran to the hotel (from the beach). The water was up to my waist, and a second later, it was up to my chest.”

The experience made him realize the insignificance of his skills and achievements in the face of nature’s power.

“All the money and power in the world cannot save you from the waves. I had to do something,” Li said. It was the culmination of seven years of studying Buddhist doctrine and traveling the world looking for a meaning to his life.

His “Philanthropy Awards” are setting new standards for charities in China and helping international donors find suitable organizations for cooperation.
“My life ended when I was 40 years old as I have nothing to pursue in this world. I need no more money or fame. The rest of my life I live for the whole world.”

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