The 32nd Los Angeles Chinatown FirecrackeR Run celebrates the Year of the Tiger by DONATING PROCEEDS to LOCAL PROGRAMS IN THE LA COMMUNITY

The 32nd Los Angeles Chinatown FirecrackeR Run celebrates the Year of the Tiger by DONATING PROCEEDS to LOCAL PROGRAMS IN THE LA COMMUNITY

FEBRUARY 9, 2010 – LOS ANGELES CHINATOWN – Celebrate the Lunar New Year (Year 4708) with the 32nd Annual Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker 5K/10K Run, Bike Ride and Nite n’ Day Festival Saturday, February 27 through Sunday, February 28, 2010. The LACFR is the largest Chinese New Year run in the US , which begins with the traditional “lighting of one hundred thousand firecrackers.” This year’s new route cuts through the Dodger Stadium backlot to give runners a sneak-peak at the LA Marathon’s new “Stadium to Sea” route.” Proceeds benefit local community with educational, fitness and literacy programs.

Events will kick off on Saturday, February 27th at 9 AM with a 40K Bike Ride and the debut of a 75K Bike Ride starting in Chinatown’s Historic Central Plaza .

The Firecracker Nite n’ Day event which lasts the entire weekend will feature, for the first time in Los Angeles , Circle Painting. Circle Painting transforms art spectators into participants by empowering people to create large-scale paintings based on the circle theme. The interactive, simple, and colorful nature of Circle Painting has made it a phenomenal success at festivals and community events around the U.S. and overseas [www.circlepainting. com]. The Nite n’ Day festivities of live music and entertainment is co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Chinatown Business Improvement District (BID). Festivities will begin Saturday (10:00AM – 10:00PM) and continue through Sunday (12:00PM – 4:00PM) at Central Plaza in Chinatown .

RACE DAY – The 5K/10K Run starts at 7:00 AM on Sunday, February 28, 2010. The scenic course begins and ends in front of Chinatown Central Plaza on North Broadway.  Opening ceremony begins with a welcome from Councilmember Ed Reyes and the introduction of the 2010 Miss Chinatown Court with KTLA’s Ginger Chan hosting the awards ceremony.

The Circle Painting Project brings people together to make art at social and community events. It’s BIG, BOLD, and FUN!  Circle Painting is an interactive art making activities that empowers people of all ages and abilities, with or without artistic background, to make large and beautiful paintings based on the circle theme.

Please visit www.circlepainting. org and www.firecracker10k. org for
more information.

Please call me at (310)467-2527 or email me at
christine.pham@ firecracker10k. org if you have any questions.



Christine Pham
Entertainment Committee
Chinatown Firecracker Run 2010

Hiep Nguyen
www.circlepainting. org
“Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle…so it is in everything where power moves.”    Black Elk

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