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via ClaraCMusic “My cover of Rocketeer!” 


There are moments in life when we feel a connection so deep words can hardly describe it. But how do we know that it’s real? This is the story of a boy who meets a girl and falls in love. (Please do not continue reading until after you watch the video!) The Jubilee Project makes films for good cause

Sam Tsui singing a mashup of “Firework” by Katy Perry, “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, and some “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, if you’re subscribed to us, you can now get emails when we upload a video! Just click the subscribed button above the video

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common ground open mic

December 2, 2010 7-9pm (last event of the season)

Every First Thursdays

VAALA Cultural Center , 1600 N. Broadway, Santa Ana , CA 92706

Doors open at 6:00pm. Open Mic sign ups by 6:30pm



Lily Bee

Sean-Patrick Doan

Sanctuary/Refugee Poets

Community Spotlight: Tiyya Foundation>

and more!

common ground’s mission is to connect communities through creative expressions. We are a collective of community members, artists, and activists committed to cultivating positive and safe space for artistic growth and community empowerment.

Please share your talents in the visual and performance arts.  All variety of creative expressions, including instrumentals, singing, dancing, spoken word, and poetry are welcomed.

Help an Aussie Asian sista out! 

Go to it and click thumbs up on the youtube clip, which counts as a vote towards Van-Anh Nguyen being picked for the YouTube orchestra for 2011!!


via Phil Yu:
The Asian Pacific Community Fund and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy – Los Angeles are accepting applications/nominations for their 2011 Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy Recognition Awards.

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via Donna Tran: vote for hoangvy tuesday


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via Absolutely Fobulous: this is probably conservative compared to kids in america
Share | Man, is it just me or do kids these days grow up too fast? Check out this Vietnamese preteen model, Hoang Bao Tran, who recently gained some internet fame. The 12-year-old has in the past won some kind

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Tickets available online at

Don't Miss Out!

Photography by Bobby Nguyen
( Bobby Nguyen studio 0905568866 )
Model : isabelle du
Stylist : Kim Tuyen Nguyen
In this photo: Isabelle Du (photos)

A sneak peak of our 17 contestants for HKLT 2011 with HKLT 2010 Queen, Caroline Vu




A 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Okinawa at 5:31am on Feb. 27th (JST), but little damage was reported.

Photo: (AP Photo: USGS:ESRI)

Japan hit by 6.9-magnitude earthquake, swaying buildings in central Tokyo
Nguyen Phuong Hung is the last blacksmith on Blacksmith Street in the rapidly modernizing ancient quarter of Hanoi.

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via Sally Kim:

Secretly filmed video of poverty and disobedience in North Korea has emerged, as the South describes the shelling of its territory as an “inhumane crime”.

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Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment: Advancing Asians and Diversity Since 1991

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