10 things X-mas reminds you of while growing up Asian American


10. Family and group photos – That’s right, the time as come to take that ‘Loving Family’ group pic. Sure you might not have seen your sister in 3 years but that’s okay. Nobody needs to know. Cheese!

and while we’re at it…let’s add all your relatives in the group photo too.

The big family

Now we play the game of ‘let’s compare each others kids’ during the Holiday. Oh great fun! Just because your parents don’t bug you about being a Doctor during the X-mas, doesn’t mean your relatives can’t also have the joy of asking you if you’ve become a doctor or not.

Funny Pictures

9. Catching up on Disney (more like Pixar now) movies – so you just had the big family dinner and there are tons of kids around. what to do next? Plop in that disney or pixar movie you haven’t seen. There’s bound to be ONE person who says ‘I haven’t seen UP yet’ while everyone else says “OMG!! We’re renting that NOW!”

8. Bumping into an old asian friend at the mall – Since there is so much time to kill during the holidays and you have to buy something anyways, why not go to the mall. And since everyone goes to the mall, you’ll bump into friends you haven’t seen in 10 years from elementary and spend 5 minutes wondering why the other person looks so familiar.

7. Family Drama – With the Holiday cheer brings the Holiday Drama. That Aunt you’ve been avoiding, yup, they’re coming. Or maybe you’re just having some tea with your new girlfriend. Holidays = stress and stress = drama. It’s unavoidable.



6. Church – That’s right, your grandma wants to go to church, and guess what? That means your parents have to go to church along with your aunts, uncles, their kids…you get the deal. Church is almost unavoidable. But Christmas church isn’t so bad when you were a kid, you’d get a present of some sort and there was a potluck. Now that you’re older, you go to Church just to see how older and depressed everyone your age is. But hey…free eggrolls! So why not?

5. Watching the Lakers play on Xmas morning – OK, so maybe your family isn’t Laker fans, maybe it’s Rockets or well, I can’t think of any other NBA with a big Asian fanbase to be honest. I’d say Clipper fans, but chances are your High Expectations Asian Father grew up watching the Lakers over the Clippers. It’s hard for a refugee and struggling while watching more struggles from Danny Manning and the Clippers. There’s usually a big Lakers vs some other NBA team during Christmas, and chances are Lakers will probably lose (because they can care less about the regular season) and chances are your grandma and mom will keep repeating ‘Have the Lakers lost yet’ or ‘They suck’ or sometimes they’re get really detailed like ‘Kobe never gets rebounds, his +/- percentage when he’s in is getting lower lately’. But like everything else during the Holidays, it’s something to do to pass the time.

Blonde and Asian Laker Girl ready to sign autographs.jpg

And it’s too bad Pac-man fights aren’t during the holidays. For now, we’ll have to settle for Tiger Woods or some MMA fighter w/ some Asian blood in them. Go Temecula!


4. Sleep – You think just because it’s the Holidays you get to sleep in? Not so fast! Family is coming and you better clean up! Don’t want to give that impression that….you’re sleeping in during the HOLIDAYS!

3. Seeing new Asian babies! – That’s right, it’s that time again where we see our relatives babies. Oh my how fast they grow these days.

Funny boy smoking!

2. Family Gambling time! – Everyone’s eaten, kids are watching Pixar DVDS….now it’s time for the main event. POKER!! Or some other sort of gambling. Your uncles have now all slowly morphed into Scotty Nguyen. ‘C’mon baby! All in!’

1. Red envelopes – who needs to gift wrap something or give a Best Buy gift card when you’ve got…..Red Envelopes! Not so much as fun as an adult, but as a kid, those red envelopes were better than getting your favorite toy. You’ve learned as a kid that it’s not the thickness of the envelope that counts (because chances are, it’s probably a bunch of ones) but the career of the giver (High Expectation Father strikes again!) Or maybe they just won some money playing Lotto. Either way, the Red Envelopes rule!

One comment on “10 things X-mas reminds you of while growing up Asian American

  1. David Toyoshima
    December 15, 2010

    Growing up “Asian” for me was more American than anything. Being 4th generation Japanese American, our Christmas was like most American families– a Christmas tree, albeit a really cheap one (my dad wouldn’t pay for a tree over $10. And he would by it a couple of day before Christmas to save money.), a spiral ham for dinner, and a night watching zillionth airing of “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the old black and white original “A Christmas Carol”. My dad once dressed as Santa Claus. My younger brother and I would wake up at 5 am and race to Christmas tree to open our meager presents. Our family didn’t have a lot of money, so the both of us only had one gift each: usually one Hot Wheel car. Dad always seemed to get a sweater. And mom the same. For “fun” my dad would take the family out for a drive after dinner to see the lights on Daisy Avenue’s Christmas Tree Lane in Long Beach, CA. Then go to the Department of Water and Power and see the water fountain light show. We never took a group picture. My mom or dad would take a Polaroid of my brother and me (as children). As we became teens, no more pix. The “cuteness” factor had worn off.
    We would all go to my Grandparents house a few blocks away on Christmas Eve. Grandma would give us money as a “Christmas gift”. And we’d give her something we’d made at grade school. Some crafty craftsman thing: a little ceramic bowl or tree ornament. She didn’t really need it, since she didn’t have a Christmas tree, she was Buddhist. My mom was Buddhist, but that never really changed anything at our house. Our first Christmas tree was one of those kitchy aluminum jobs, with a spinning colored gel/lamp. I thought it was campy then, and hated it. But now that retro thing has become in vogue. I still have that thing up in my garage.

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