Author – Wendy Wan Long Shang

Image of Wendy Wan Long Shang

My favorite books have always been middle-grade books. For a long time, I tried to deny it; I trained to be a lawyer with big heavy books.* But I might have known I still had some middle-grade books in my blood when I kept mentally referring to a boring class in law school as “a spirited discussion on the buying and selling of pork chops,” a line from one of my heroes, Harriet the Spy.

I think that middle-grade books are special because you reach that point where you’ve begun to form your own opinions of the world, but you’re still open to change and moments of wonder. It’s a good way to go through life, actually.

I feel very lucky to have a middle-grade book of my own to share now. I hope it makes a difference to its readers the way other books affected me, whether it is finding a character the reader can relate to, learning something interesting, or just finding a scene or phrase that sticks with the reader.

*I feel obliged to point out that there are many awesome children’s book writers who went to law school, including Kathy Erskine, Moira Donohue, Fran Cannon Slayton, Rebecca Stead and Louis Sachar, just to name a few!

The Great Wall Of Lucy Wu by Wendy Wan Long Shang (Jan 1, 2011)

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