We know Hollywood is run by old white males, new stat says 88% NY Times reviews are by them too?

In a new article by Poynter:

“Last week, The Rumpus published a piece by Roxane Gay titled “Where Things Stand,” in which Gay reported that nearly 90 percent of books reviewed in The New York Times are written by whites. Gay researched the racial background of every author critiqued by the paper in 2011. She yielded predictably striking results: 31 black authors, 655 white ones. Eighty-one reviewed books in all by writers of color. “I don’t know how to solve this problem or what to do with this information,” wrote Gay, who is black. Still. “I like knowing where things stand.”

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We have this in our about section on our facebook, which was a big reason why we started NEAATO:

About 40 percent of television shows during the 2005-6 season had no minority writers on staff. White and male writers continued to occupy the lion’s share of industry employment in 2005. As bleak as the study’s conclusions were, the one non-white/male group that has made the most gains in almost all categories during this period are Asian Americans. Between 2000-2005, the biggest increase in WGA membership has been with Asian Americans (81.7 percent). From 1999 to 2005, there was a 158.3 percent increase for Asian American TV writers; film writers increased 91.7 percent. But this isn’t as good as it sounds. Since there were only 24 Asian American TV writers and 12 film writers in 1999, the only place to go was up. And considering that Asians make up 4.2 percent of the nation’s population, we’re still underrepresented almost 2 to 1 in TV and 3 to 1 in film

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