Vietnamese Woman Found Dead After Car Accident on I-10

wow. sad  and scary too. how many of us used i-10 to go back and forth to cali on these trips w/ our parents. not sure if foul play or heat exhaustion. found 1 mile from the car? 8 hours later? and naked? i don’t know…..

“A naked woman was found dead near Interstate 10 in Tonopah after her family was involved in a single-vehicle accident on Friday, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office officials said.

Mai Vo Bor, 37, and her elderly parents were traveling east on I-10 from California when they turned onto 411th Avenue and crashed about half a mile from the freeway around 6 a.m., Sgt. Jeff Sprong said. Bor reportedly got out of the car to look for help, leaving her parents inside the vehicle, Sprong said.

It is unclear who was driving.

About 9 a.m., a passerby saw the elderly couple sitting in their car and called 911, Sprong said. Responders arrived and treated the couple for minor injuries.

Detectives could not figure out what caused the accident or that the daughter was missing due to a language barrier between officers and the elderly couple, who only speak Vietnamese, Sprong said. Deputies transported the parents to the hospital and cleared away the wrecked vehicle and cleaned up the debris from the accident.

Around 3 p.m., a translator arrived at the hospital and told police about the couple’s missing daughter. Police sent out ground and air units and found Bor naked and deceased about one mile from the scene of the accident, Sprong said.

“We believe she either succumbed to the elements or she died from a head injury she sustained,” Sprong said. “We can never rule out foul play, but at this point we’re leaning towards either the heat or a head injury that caused her death.”

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