Zhang Ziyi’s attorney: “”Zhang Ziyi is not a prostitute”

Zhang Ziyi lawyer speaks out

perez hilton:

Zhang Ziyi is still furious over allegations that she has raked in well over $100 million by sleeping with high-ranking Chinese government officials.

She’s already filed a libel lawsuit against two publications that spread the story, but now her attorney is speaking out about the case. John Mason, the man who filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in California, told sources:

“Zhang Ziyi is not a prostitute, never has been a prostitute, never met this person that she’s alleged to have this very expensive sexual relationship with.”

Obviously it’s not fun to be accused of being a prostitute (especially when you’re already a successful actress), but Ziyi is particularly pissed because she was never contacted to comment on the validity of the story.

The publication reporting the story, however, maintains it “merely published what it believed to be true as provided by an anonymous source.”

Hmm…yes, anonymous sources aren’t always the most reliable.

Mason continued to explain that the lack of evidence presented in the story makes it seem like the publication was out to damage her career, saying:

“They don’t even have a photograph or a statement from anybody that she ever met him. People put stories out there often enough just to get attention, just to get more readers…This is outrageous in its face in the way it was intended to damage her career. You don’t call somebody a prostitute and allege multimillion-dollar sex acts without having some evidence.”


[Image via WENN.]

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