Howar Bach, Viet-American repping Cal State Fullerton for USA on how badminton saved his dad’s life


Viet born Howard Bach, representing USA in badminton on how badminton saved his father’s life.
via Wired:
Bach: Right before the Olympics in 2004, my dad was in a coma. He was in Vietnam and the doctor said, “He has a 20 percent chance that he’s gonna live.” Now, my dad is Mr. Badminton. He grew up playing badminton, he always wanted to represent Vietnam but it wasn’t a full medal sport until ’92. So I’m at his bed saying, “Hey Dad, you gotta wake up ‘cause I’m here in the Olympics and I want you to see it.” The doctor told me to keep talking to him. So every day I’m there saying, “Hey! You’ve gotta wake up because I’m gonna be there. I need your advice…” And then he woke up.

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