Oppa Gangnam style translated and also does NOT say “Open Condom Style”

“A lady who is warm like daylight, who knows how to enjoy a cup of coffee with ease, whose heart gets hotter as night gets near, a lady who has unexpected character.

I am a man who gets hot in the daytime like you! I am a man who can have one shot of coffee before cooling it down, a man with a heart that explodes at night, I am that kind of man. I am (big brother), Oppa Gangnam Style!!!

A lady who looks conservative, but knows when to play hard, a lady who knows when to let her hair down, a lady who seems fragile, but sexy at the same time.

I am a man’s man, I may be conservative, yet I know when to have fun and play hard. A man who can go crazy when the time is right, a man who is bulging with social life instead of bulging with muscles. I am the man.

You are beautiful, lovable, yes, you.”

via latimes

via wsj:

Psy, or Park Jae-sang, has been around for more than a decade. His new album, PSY 6, is his first in two years. And the first video from it was released on July 15 after a big build-up.

On “Gangnam Style,” Psy raps about the ideal girlfriend – one who is a smart and conscientious during the day and sexy and fun at night: “A girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays. A girl who puts her hair down when the right time comes. A girl who covers herself but is more sexy than a girl who bares it all.”

During the key lyric in the video, Psy’s background dancers turn to reveal that their plain-looking white blouses have a revealing backside.

Wow, the dude is 34? New goal in life: BE A KOREAN RAPPER lol


on his comeback:

He revealed his  feelings to OSEN on August 3rd, stating, “After my comeback, which was already like a dream coming true, more dream-like events have been happening. I’m more excited than I was when I debuted with Bird‘.”

CNN anchor watched it 15 x lol


CNN reporter Shanon Cook stated, “The U.S. reaction to this music video is crazy. I’ve watched the music video 15 times myself. Rapper T-Pain and Robbie WIliams have also tweeted about this music video.”

Rapper T-Pain wrote on his twitter, “There are no words to describe how awesome this music video is,” along with a link to the video.

Robbie Williams also wrote on his blog, “This music video made me laugh,” and linked the video as well.

FUNNIEST COMMENT: Asian chicks shaking non-existent asses is pretty funny



One comment on “Oppa Gangnam style translated and also does NOT say “Open Condom Style”

  1. Wen Gearin
    February 5, 2013

    The horse dance is becoming famous in over the world and the singer named Psy is known as a worldwide idol. Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ video has more than 300 million YouTube views and counting.Millions of people imitated this dance. A teacher teaching math danced ‘Gangnam Style’ in his period to make it less boring and his students are very interesting in his new way of teaching. A teacher teaching physical education did the same thing in the physical class. In recent days, people told about this song and its dance had proved as an internet sensation when almost 1000 inmates of a Philippine prison burst into the famous horse-riding dance…

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