PIC: A child trains for Olympic glory while her gymnastics trainer stands on her legs.

Hard training: Her face etched with pain, a child trains for Olympic glory while her gymnastics trainer stands on her legs.

Nanning Gymnasium in Nanning, China, is one of many ruthless training camps in China
Here children, some as young as five, battle to complete the demanding routines on bars, rings, and mats

  • ANONYMOUS dude wtf
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  • ANONYMOUS Bela Karolyi had a controversy for being verbally and physically abusive, but this is sickening compared to that :/
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  • ANONYMOUS China ruthless
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  • Neaato Org this is why america owes china money right?
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  • ANONYMOUS i am beyond heartbroken. especially since this lil girl reminds me so much of my own niece. couldn’t even look at it 😦
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  • ANONYMOUS the spirit of the olympics suffers from this kind of training and things like genetically paired athlete progeny.

    the roots of the olympics are nationalistic where you have pride in your country, but there’s no pride if you win at the cost of human rights

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  • ANONYMOUS They train like this in Canada and USA too. Anyone who has trained in gymnastics has had their coach sit or stand on them to get them further into the splits, push their flexibility. Training for most sports involves pain and tears…
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  • ANONYMOUS What the freak!! =***{
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  • ANONYMOUS Chinese ppl don’t joke. I am so heartbroken for the child
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  • ANONYMOUS · Friends with Susanity Pham


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  • ANONYMOUS China = dogs not event i think
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  • ANONYMOUS · Friends with Le Toi

    tan nhan de so

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    jennifer is right. this is no isolated incident. countries have been trying to win at all costs since the beginning. drugs, genes, abuse, etc.–think Germany during Hitler’s time, or present-day doping scandals

    china always gets picked on …See More

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  • ANONYMOUS Stop making this something it is not. Stop pointing the finger at China. I guarantee you every single one of the gymnasts in the olympics were trained hard, to the point where they were made to cry and bleed. From every single country. By coaches from every single background. Its gymnastics, your body doesn’t do stuff like that unless you are pushed to the limits.
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  • ANONYMOUS COz u china lol
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  • ANONYMOUS Most china ppl doing bad thing and weird they eating baby too
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  • ANONYMOUS this is the kind of photo that would go viral
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  • ANONYMOUS It’s making me so F*** angry looking at this!! What happened to us humans?? We torture each other,countries putting out millions of dollar for Olympic and compete to see who wins and who looses! But we never can get together to solve the problems of pain,sorrow hungry children,suffering, and war around the world!!!
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  • ANONYMOUS · Friends with Jennifer Lo

    Oh – I was a canadian diver – we heard all these stories back in the 80’s

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  •  · Friends with Bao Han and 3 others

    Gosh….i can’t even look at it…..terrible! So hurting picture!

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  • ANONYMOUS · Friends with Jennifer Lo

    Jenny – I can guarantee you – the Canadian team – who placed 5th – does not have to do this – I guarantee it.

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  • Neaato Org and THATS why candians got 5th. jk lol
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  • ANONYMOUS The photographer has a great angle. Great disposition
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  • ANONYMOUS Um, I had to do that and I never even went to the national level. We used to have our coaches push and sit on us all the time.
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  • ANONYMOUS · Friends with ANONYMOUS

    I agree with Jennifer Lo. Stop BEING SHEEP!

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  • Neaato Org Diff.cultures. U can slapped in face in asia, no biggie
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  • ANONYMOUS · Friends with NV PhotoDesign

    That la tan nhan tre e khong duoc bao ve

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  • ANONYMOUS My heart aches so bad looking at her face…This girl is about the same age as my niece…so cruel.
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  • ANONYMOUS I would separate the media-bias issue from the Chinese gov’t-sponsored Olympics training issue, as I have talked to some people who have experienced and observed this training, but I can’t compare it to USA training. Jennifer Lo, are you saying that you were involuntarily subjected to this training, as seems to be depicted in this image? I’m assuming the image and caption are accurate.
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  • Neaato Org

    one commentor: ”

    I’ve spoken with a girl who was chosen as a young child to train as an ice skater in the National Program. The truth of these programs is as grim as many of these commenters describe. Their bodies are sacrificed with trai…See More

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  • DAVID · Friends with Kevin Chang and 1 other

    I wonder how they train in N. Korea…Probably don’t need to stand on the kid’s leg but instead, wave a turkey leg or something..

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  • Neaato Org aw man, thats just cold lol
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  • phung · Friends with Thy Dinh

    This is so sad 😦

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