PICS&VIDS: Viet Coffee Shop vs Vietnamese Airline VietJetAir Bikini Show

via abc:

On a recent VietJetAir flight, there was a featured bonus that consisted of an in-flight service that passengers on this discount airline company did not expect. Clad in vaporous string bikini tops and sarongs that flaunted the company colors of red and yellow, young, beautiful women filed down the plane’s aisles last Friday for a bikini show.

>>>viets love bikinis. wonder if it’s a cultural thing? also, first vietnam changes to maybe gay marriage, now bikini on airlines? what’s next?? kissing in movies???!

The plane was on its way from Ho Chi Minh City to the coastal tourist city of Nha Trang.

>>>bad PR of nha trang after death of viet canadian. now this (not sure if good or bad). nha trang getting a lot of press

As passengers pulled out their smart phones and video cameras in order to archive their unique airline experience, the young women sashayed up and down the plane, batting their eyelashes at the passengers and handing out toys to children, while the plane was at cruising altitude.

>>>do wonder bras work better in the air?

>>banana? man, azn men are such pervs lol

Once the plane was safe and sound on solid ground, the short clips of the beauty show, called a Hawaiian dance performance by the airline, were circulated among popular social networks such as YouTube and Facebook.

>>>buzz worked i guess

Consequently, the budget airline was slapped with an approximately $1,000 fine by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV), as reported by the Vietnamese news website, Vietnamnet.

>>>>1,000 is pretty cheap fine, no? Ads cost more than that. now they are world famous. kinda genius. getting into a bikni right now.

The chief inspector of CAAV, Nguyen Trong Thang, said the fine was administered not because the airline conducted a beauty show but because it had held an “unapproved show” on the plane. Otherwise, because the plane had reached its safe altitude and the passengers who were recording the show had their phones in movie mode, Vietnamnet reports, Thang did not believe that the 3-minute show violated any local aviation regulations.

>>>>>usa goes to mars. viet airlines have bikini show in air. makes sense.

The roughly 60-minute flight was too short for a good movie or a meal but maybe such a live show could keep customers coming back.

>>>>>>but peeeerfect for sashaying!

A VietJetAir official told the Daily Mail that the dancing girls in bikinis was a way to “make passengers happy and to improve our customer service.”

>>>>>>unless you’re a commie! wait, no. commies love bewbs too.

ABC News was unable to reach VietJetAir directly for comment.


are these viet coffee shops in the air? more viet kieu influence?

>>dude! ladies!! ur blocking the MURAL!


how are viet teeth so white if viet coffee so dark?

girl in red not matching. DID SHE NOT READ THE MEMO? jk

>>>no boba balls? #disowned!

>>>bikini baristas? or coffee shop companions? or ladies for losers. jk guys lol

>>>>>you’d think they’d make the back nicer w/ so many pics. then again, it does make it look authentic…..viet! loljk


so who wins? bikini in air? or bikini w/ coffee? just we’ll never know. gonna throw hot boiling coffee in my face now

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    April 2, 2013

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