PSY Gangnam style on LA’s local radio and Katy Perry and Rhiana react to Koreans


“While U.S. radio isn’t quite embracing the song yet, it is making inroads. Notably, top 40 station KAMP in Los Angeles, the U.S.’ second-largest radio market, added the song last week, playing it 24 times. Those detections amounted to 66% of its overall Hot 100 audience for the week ending Aug. 26 (in total: 949,000 impressions). Rhythmic KDDB Honolulu accounted for the second-most audience last week, from 57 plays.”

“All of the attention generated by “Gangnam Style” helped bring 54,000 new subscribers to Psy’s YouTube channel, which was viewed 1.5 million times during the charting week. Furthering his climb on the Social 50 is a 65% increase in overall fan base, which added 50,000 Facebook fans and caused Psy to break 100,000 total Twitter followers.”

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