1. whoa, bond girl’s dad was khmer/chinese? Monica Lam future bond girl?

    Bérénice Lim Marlohe (born 19 May 1979) is a French actress.[1] Marlohe played Bond girl “Séverine” in the twenty-third James Bond film, Skyfall.[2] Her television credits include Père et Maire, Femmes de loi, and Equipe médicale d’urgence. She is currently[when?] filming the French comedy Un bonheur n’arrive jamais seul with Sophie Marceau (a former Bond girl herself). She is also a brand ambassador for Omega Watches. Bérénice was born in Paris, France of mixed ancestry, daughter to a French mother and a Khmer-Chinese father. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a doctor. She originally held aspirations of becoming a pianist, as well as an artist, studying at the prestigious French arts school Conservatoire de Paris for ten years.[3]

    She had trouble getting on screen roles in France because people did not think she fit the mould of a French actress. Before Bond, her performances were primarily rooted in small roles on French TV.[3]

    She is known to be a strong believer in fate. During an interview, she claimed to have dreamt of acting alongside Javier Bardem six months before the Bond audition. After the dream, she knew that everything would be fine. It was not until the second audition for Skyfall that someone actually mentioned to her that Javier might also be cast.[3]

  2. “It can take years. With the first draft, I just write everything. With the second draft, it becomes so depressing for me, because I realize that I was fooled into thinking I’d written the story. I hadn’t—I had just typed for a long time. So then I have to carve out a story from the 25 or so pages. It’s in there somewhere—but I have to find it. I’ll then write a third, fourth, and fifth draft, and so on.”
    — David Sedaris on writing
  3. “I think the best comics (like the best novels, paintings, etc.) are personal, idiosyncratic works that reflect a unique and honest sensibility. To attract an audience, art must entertain, but the significance of any art lies in its ability to express truths- to reveal and help us understand our world.”
    -Bill Watterson, from the essay entitled “Cartooning and Calvin and Hobbes”
  4. Neaato Org
    apparently some peeps no likey liu wen in victoria secret shows because bewbs not big enough. “Liu recalled herself that she was surprised she made it into the VSFS because she thought VS models were supposed to have boobs, in an interview. But I love her”Like · · Unfollow Post · Share · Edit · Promote · Saturday
  5. LIU WEN ON #VICTORIASECRET TATS: The backstage beauty preparations at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show yesterday started in the wee hours of the morning. But when press began arriving around ten, all of the girls had slowly started to emerge, swathed in pink satin robes, to begin their divine transformations. Except Liu Wen. The Chinese stunner went into makeup and didn’t come out again until ar ound 2 p.m.—at which point she was covered in ink. “She’s got the exclusive bodysuit,” Saved Tattoo’s Stephanie Tamez said with a tinge of pride, referring to the “Americana flash”-themed designs she had scrawled on Wen’s legs, arms, hands, and knuckles. “She’s got ‘em on her stomach and back, too,” Tamez effused of the monarch butterfly that revealed itself across Wen’s abdomen when she stepped into her two-piece, chain-link costume. The myriad drawings, which included a series of hearts, daggers, roses, mermaids, and gothic print text, were original transfers that Tamez created with guidance from VS creative consultant, Todd Thomas. But the bright additional makeup accents came courtesy of hand-painted touches with Temptu, the airbrush makeup system that stays put. “It sticks on!” Wen insisted, rubbing at her leg. Would she be keeping the body art on for a few days, then, we inquired? “No, no. I have to work tomorrow for Estée Lauder,” the brand’s face said with caution.

  6. Neaato Org
  7. Neaato Org
  8. Neaato Org
    Lol boudain has jiro cut off heads for ordering california roll
  9. Neaato Org
    Anthony.boudain graphic novel get jiro!
  10. the one azn victoria secret mod?

  12. is being bond girl peak of career? then bond girls tossed aside? like nolan’s mal in inception. is anyone else hiring her for films?

  13. From Head To Toe
    Launchin’ and partyin’ with Michelle Phan @ricebunny @evereden
  14. Photographing the Loving Gays of Vietnam | VICE

    Photographer Maika Elan spent last year photographing Vietnam’s gay couples in their most intimate moments for her series The Pink Choice. The collection had perfect timing considering around the same…

  15. french cambo chinese skyfall bond girl. all characters in asian scene full asian except girl. hmmm lol

  16. via miranda july

    “Sometimes when dolphins went to playgrounds alone they did the monkeybars and went to the swings and on the swings thought, “I hate this stupid world.”

    They thought, “I hate it.”

    They cried a little with the wind against their face.
    They felt so bad that they went away.

    And found Elijah Wood and told Elijah Wood to go with them and Elijah Wood went—because he thought it was a movie. Elijah Wood and other celebrities like Salman Rushdie rode dolphins in rivers. Salman Rushdie felt proud and famous. And the dolphins swam to islands and beat Elijah Wood and the other famous people with heavy branches. They cried when they murdered human beings, and it was terrible.

    One dolphin had a battle axe and killed Wong Kar-Wai.”

    That’s an excerpt from Tao Lin’s new book Eeeee Eee Eeee

  17. #wu #tang

  18. By Mai-Vy Hoang
  19. an important teacher. help her keep teaching.

    Caroline Kieu Linh Valverde’s petition on is one of the most popular petitions in education today! Please sign and like/share to help it reach 1000k signatures.

  20. Congratulations to the 7 Finalists for Kollaboration Star2012: Jun Sung Ahn, Kavi, Maybe Refuge, G Yamazawa, Nate Tao, Mike Izon, and Ariel Yang!The LIVE FINALE SHOW is THIS Friday, November 16 at the Alex Theatre in LA! Tune into Mnet America to find out who will be named the Kollaboration Star Champion.And if you’re in LA, get your tickets here! –

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