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    Midnight Illustration

  2. Stéphanie Borcard and Nicolas Métraux
    by Geoffrey Hiller

    The Reunification Express. Vietnam 2011
    BM-photo is the result of a collaborative work between Stéphanie Borcard and Nicolas Métraux (both of them Swiss and born in 1978) living for the past year in Asian hotel rooms. We work on personal projects, developing calm and poetic images. Through our recent series of photographs, we try to create a set of emotions, rather than to document a specific subject. Human interactions have always been our source of inspiration. We used to get very close to people but now, we appreciate a certain distance. Before coming to photography, Stephanie was a teacher and Nicolas a woodworker and an architect. We are collaborating with, a Swiss broadcasting agency and with CIAN Agency. We always work together and co-sign all our images

    About the Photograph:

    “The Reunification Express was built by the French in 1936, destroyed during the war and rebuilt in 1976, its tracks link Hanoi to Saigon. It is one of the slowest express trains in the world. We like its slow pace and its name. It evokes both a sad past and a present peace. As the train approaches, the tiny crowd starts to move. The small train station is, for a while filled with life. Our journey begins in Hanoi. We sit on a wooden bench aboard the Reunification Express. A hard-seat-and-fan ticket to South. People sleep all over the train trying to escape the heat. The air is thick. Our eyes wander there, outside on the landscape; what happened here? We were born after the war. It did not concern us, yet it was almost all we knew about Vietnam. How does this land look like today? Who are the Vietnamese? This is our travel journal. The destination is not important; it is the way covered that is.”

  3. srsly, just black tape for halloween costume.
  4. damn 82 year old azn man run over by national guard? The National Guard will not conduct an internal investigation into the death of an 82-year-old man who was killed by one of its trucks last week, Streetsblog is reporting. Kwok Fu, 82, wa

    s crossing Canal Street when a truck heading to pick up supplies at the Javits Center ran a red light and struck him.

    According to National Guard spokesman Eric Durr, the convoy of trucks was escorted by the NYPD, which gave it license to ignore traffic signals. “Generally a convoy tries to stay together, and that is why there’s a police escort. Stop and think: When the president is in town he has a police escort, right?” he said. “Does he go through red lights?”

    The problem with this explanation of the event: it directly conflicts with the accounts of several eyewitnesses and media reports. “It was not immediately clear that this convoy of trucks was not going to stop at the red light,” said David Trimble, who witnessed the crash. “There were no blaring horns, sirens, or anything else. The pedestrian was not jaywalking or trying to beat the convoy.” “I did not see a police escort,” he added.

    After the two recent incidents in which the NYPD billed people for damages after crashing police cruisers into them, I have to wonder if the National Guard will be sending Fu’s family an invoice.

    (Photo: EL337/Reddit)

  5. vicemag: Andrew Kuo is the number one artist JEREMY LEEEAAAAAN
    from NBA Off-Season by waxandmilk

  6. Canadian photographer Hana Pesut’s Switcheroo project has her photographing a pair of subjects twice each time, with both subjects in their own outfits first, then wearing each other’s outfits and stances next.
  7. Paul Pk Kim shared a photo.
    The World Famous KOLLABORATION FreeStyle Dance and Vocal Competition takes place THIS FRIDAY, Nov. 16 and YOU or YOUR FRIEND can win CASH, PRIZES, and GLORY!!!

  8. Photographer: KimBTN
    Model: Huyền Trang
    Stylist: KimTBN
    Make Up & Hair: Tú Tạ
    Assistant: Tiến Nguyễn
    Wardrobe: Tu es belle ‘s Winter Collection

  9. Ysa Le
    Folks, there will be no deadline extension this year! Please submit your films by December 1st. / Hạn chót gửi phim tham dự: 1 tháng 12, 2012. Năm nay sẽ không có gia hạn. Thank you!

    Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF)
    Deadline: December 1, 2012

  10. Bambu
    LOS ANGELES: RENT MONEY TOUR is officially in your area! #BANG #BANG #BANG

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