jeremy lin x rockets rematch x taylor swift and her asian fans x vampy x pho posters from townpho


  2. graffit walls make for good wedding backdrops. who knew. maybe one day graffiti artists will get commission from wedding organizers lllol


  4. white people know about this viet singer? Pair of Tuấn Anh Buttons


    All pledges $25 and up will receive a special Two-Button Set featuring the beautiful countenance of the legendary singer, Tuấn Anh. He is often seen on posters on the walls of various phở restaurants. Wear these buttons every day and if you happen to meet Tuấn Anh (or his manager) please ask him to contact @sabzi so they can do a track together.


  6. Lol my moms thxgiv list has pho
  7. Modern talking x bad boy blue. Album of the yr?
  8. “Online dating works for white pl.and azn woman. Azn men not so much. Online dating for Asian men good only if online in Asia…and usually thats for citizenship.”
  9. uh oh. knicks are hot.

    “Knicks @ Rockets tonight!

    Kidd says no is looking to ‘embarrass’ Lin — I’m guessing this is news to JR 😡

  10. viets in the house.

    Someone sweet compiled some of my cosplays into a post, I like it since it shows that majority of my cosplays show no top cleavage whatsoever , I kinda like that about my costumes too, it’s a typical pattern of mine.


    asians fan doesn’t want to get taylor swift sick

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