1. John Cho and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are both 40.

  2. Lanly Le: “In my opinion, a good photo is one that is well-composed and exposed. It is just…nice. It’s over-looked. A great one is the image that makes you do a double-take. It is compelling, hypnotizing. It can change your mind and expand your horizons on beauty.”

  3. Neaato Org
    of course filipinos come up w/ this idea. flag turned into bball jersey Wella Angeles

  4. Wella Angeles

  5. congrats to Caroline Kieu Linh Valverde for getting tenure. she fought the system for all minorities and woman. modern day MLK. #fightthepower
  6. k, so finally saw spring breakers and here was review, no spoilers: PROS: well shot, good art department/attention detail, instagram filters/neon colors, ski masks, black light glow in dark stuff, well done. franco was ok, thug accent went in n out. CONS: right away characters are annoying, like watching 4 alexandra wallaces on spring break. right away if anything bad happens to them, you wouldn’t care anyways. cliche having FAITH the religious character. also they should have made point that making fun of religion is same as making fun of spring breakers, both rituals where u ‘lose urself’. but they really didn’t put those 2 together. the characters like is said before u didn’t even care about, so u had no feeling of happiness or sorrow for them. the plot was very simple and comes at like, the last third of the flick and solved really really fast. the ending is really bad, like a baaaad scarface for teenboppers film. the director like judd apatow showed his wife’s bewbs waaay too much for no reason, probably giving wife excuse to give them more screen time. 3rd character didnt even have character. franco was the main character but you didn’t even go too deep into him either. the broll of spring break was same shots over and over. no acting needed for gucci mane since scenes too short. again didn’t feel anything for his character either. it was basically a very long well done vimeo music video, which i believe was his goal, so he did accomplish that. but as a deeper film not really. it had potential tho! ppl who like spring break and clubbing and scarface will like this. if u find spring breakers and girls gone wild annoying then might not be for you lol
    1. is this in vietnam? haircut places in nam like coffeeshops in OC? lol #aodaicleave

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    2. The first female policewomen of the task force
      VietNamNet Bridge – They are only 20-23 years old, beautiful, good at martial arts, proficiency in using a variety of guns. That is the portrait of the first 32 female policewomen of the task force of Vietnam, which are being trained in the task force battalion No. 1 of the High Command of Mobile Police in Hanoi.

      “Here, girls are trained like boys. We have to wake up at 5am and go to the drill ground at 7am, run 4km on the morning and in the afternoon. Every morning we run from 800 – 1,000 m around the yard. It is the warm-up exercise for a day of members of the task force. The only difference with boys is our course extended by a half,” said Mai Thu Trang, 21, from Son La province

      1. Christine Ha – MasterChef 3
        In a traditional Vietnamese dress (ao dai) for a press conference.

      2. Just downloaded

        Erin Li’s short HERE:     I don’t get why more filmmakers don’t make their films avail. I would have gladly paid $5, even better if free because free promotion. PROPS TO ERIN.


        Sundance film to boot!

        Did you want to see TO THE BONE but couldn’t make it out to Slamdance Film Festival in Park City this year? Now is your chance! For a limited time, you can obtain a free download of the film.

        What people are saying about TO THE BONE:

        “With staunch, dedicated performances from everyone in this small cast and beautifully-shot scenes that tell much more than eight minutes worth of a story, To The Bone is definitely not a film to miss.” – Slug Magazine

        Beautifully craftedan exquisitely-executed, tragic tale of the sacrifices that such families endure in order to survive.” – The What It Do (Sundance Film Festival 2013 Recap: Directors to Watch)

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      4. Director Kim Nguyen’s Movie ‘War Witch’ Nominated for Oscars

        One of the nine films shortlisted for the Oscars’ foreign film category in 2013 is “War Witch” by Kim Nguyen. Nguyen was born and raised in Canada, the French-speaking region. “War Witch” not only won best film at the Tribeca Film Board Film Festival, where 15-year-old Rachel Mwanza also won the Best Actor at the Berlin Film Festival.

        Born to a Vietnamese father and a Canadian mother, Nguyen grew in North America, but the film “War Witch” originated from the story the director read about two twins in Burma, Johnny and Luther, who led the resistance against the military government. Film begins with a baby girl conscripted as a child soldier in Africa. She was 12 years old, and was forced to kill her parents and join the rebels fighting against the government.

        But Komona was not the normal type of soldier. Due to her ability to see ghosts who warned her of enemies’ approaching, she managed to avoid capture and was considered a witch and became the supreme leader of the rebels and given the title War Witch. Fighting along with her is an albino boy named Magician.

      5. Ao dai on the streets of Saigon half a century ago Images of the graceful ao dai on the streets of Saigon over the past half century ago has been archived by the famous magazine Life of the USA.

        The pictures were taken in 1961 in Sai Gon. They portray the beauty of Vietnamese women and the Vietnamese traditional gowns in daily life.

      6. Oscars 2013: Montreal filmmaker Kim Nguyen worries about tripping, ripping pants The Star spoke with Quebec filmmaker Kim Nguyen, nominated for best foreign language film, about his upcoming night at the Oscars. Text size: Increase Decrease Reset
        Graham Hughes / THE CANADIAN PRESS

        “I will have a speech ready but I’m scared of jinxing it,” says director Kim Nguyen.

        By: Bruce DeMara Entertainment Reporter, Published on Thu Feb 21 2013Kim Nguyen is a Montreal-based screenwriter and director, born and raised in Amqui, Quebec. His father is Vietnamese and his mother is Quebecoise. Oscar nominee Rebelle (War Witch), which has also been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, is his fourth feature length film. The script for the film was in the works for 10 years.

        Q: What was special about this project to you?

        A: On a personal level, it was a breakthrough film for me, for my inner barriers mostly. It was about going to the zone and not compromising on authenticity. I feel that this is the closest I’ve gotten to being completely authentic in a film and I’m grateful.

        Q: Have you written your speech and what will it say?

        Photos View gallery

        A: I will have a speech ready but I’m scared of jinxing it. So I’m going to write the speech because everybody’s telling me, ‘You’re going to look like an idiot if you don’t,’ but I’m going to do that a little later. Because people are putting in their votes until the 19th (of February) so I think I’ll write it on the 20th.

        Q: Who are you taking to the Oscars as your guest?

        A: The person who’s going to be sitting beside me is my girlfriend and lovely wife, Catherine Laferriere-Faubert. My daughter’s coming with us as well but she’s not going to be on the red carpet.

        Q: What is your biggest Oscar fear?

        A: To trip on the stairs. Can I give two answers? I have big, thick, ham-like thighs and now the trend is for really, really skinny pants. I feel sometimes that if I bend down to pick up anything, they’ll just rip. So tripping and ripping my pants as a result of the trendy very narrow pants.

      7. yao ming x jeremy lin

      8. Black Scale x Fool’s Gold “Illegal” Snapbacks
        from Hypebeast by Arthur Bray

      9. Glenn’s romance with Maggie has made him a heartthrob among a certain set — at Comic-Con International in San Diego in July last year, more than one middle-school-age girl nervously professed her affection for Yeun during the panel devoted to the series.

        “It’s flattering and it’s cool,” Yeun said. “It’s also cool to represent that as an Asian male too. I embrace that.”


        improv. Chicago turned out to be an important launching pad, with Yeun finding success at legendary improv comedy hot spot Second City. In October 2009, he moved to Los Angeles to try to make it as an actor.

        Five months later, he landed the role of Glenn, a sweet-natured former pizza delivery driver who is faced with difficult choices and strained loyalties in an unforgiving world — and that’s before he falls in love with a resourceful Southern belle.

        An actor with an improv comedy background might not have been an obvious choice for the role, but “Walking Dead” executive producer Robert Kirkman, who created the popular comic book on which the show is based, said the lightness of Yeun’s spirit does inform the character of the show.

        “His character is essential in keeping [the series] from being the unrelenting depressing thing that it definitely has the potential to be,” he said. “Anything upbeat or uplifting usually comes from that character. I also think that Glenn’s relationship with Maggie is one of the clearest senses of hope that you get from the story.

      11. “It’s a heavy season for everyone,” Yeun said. “But for Glenn, I love that they’re continuing to grow a character. They’re continuing to have him complete his arc, to keep that trajectory. He starts being self-aware and realizing that it’s not just about living for yourself, it’s also about living for the people you love, and when you love somebody, that really opens you up.”

      12. first time yao looked up

      13. whoa, coming to america shirts. one of the best films ever RT@mreddiehuang FUCK YEAH @sportswag @cruziiie

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      14. A vietnamese man
        A vietnamese man with a tatoo covering his back hangs out along Ho Tay (west lake), Hanoi, Vietnam

        © Francis Roux / NOI Pictures with a tatoo covering his back hangs out along Ho Tay (west lake), Hanoi, Vietnam

        © Francis Roux / NOI Pictures

      15. Concrete statue of a chicken in Lang Ga, Vietnam, Asia

        © Khanh Xiu Tran / NOI Pictures

      16. Young vietnamese man standing on a tiny boarding in west lake by sunset. Hanoi, Vietnam, Asia

        © Francis Roux / NOI Pictures

      17. Tire repair shop along a sidewalk. Vietnam, Asia

        © Nic Jacka / NOI Pictures
        Tire repair shop along a sidewalk. Vietnam, Asia

        © Nic Jacka / NOI Pictures

      18. Rapper and producer Right-D from the group LSD Hood, here in his house in Botataung township, Yangon.

        © Raphael Olivier / NOI Pictures

      19. skate or die A Kid carries a wooden roller board in Da Lat, Vietnam, Asia

        © Sébastien Löffler / NOI Pictures

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      23. if von teese has implant, how come look so real and more girls dont get same?

        • Caroline: i think the technique is when after surgery, wrap from the top of the breast to push it down so there will be a slight hang of the breasts to give it the natural look. it’s not more expensive to do this. but for some reason, either women who go under the knife don’t know better or their surgeons assume all women want the headlights/basketball look, docs wrap right on top of the boobs not allowing for the natural hang.

      24. Hồng Thuận
        em đi trong gió thoảng… mùa xuân về ngất ngây… — at Hội Tết Sinh Viên .

      25. Ji Yeo Examines Beauty Via Post Plastic Surgery Photographs from BEAUTIFUL/DECAY MAGAZINE by Ryan De La Hoz. Originally from Seoul, Korea Ji Yeo now resides in Rhode Island. From 2009 – 2012 she worked on an extensive photography project entitled The Beauty in which she documented numerous women in Seoul, Korea immediately after they had undergone plastic surgery. With a sensitive demeanor Yeo highlights an aspect of our current culture that has become increasingly commonplace. Ji explains that “…Beauty is integral to human nature, and people find beauty in the most difficult circumstances, during emotional chaos and disorder, within social taboos and the breaking of such taboos and even in the face of death. My work focuses on ideas of “beauty” in contemporary culture, specifically in how women in our culture come to define and enforce an ideal of beauty on themselves…”

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