Little Angry Asian Girls vs Angry Asian Man Trademark battle explained 2015-2-18 0 18 31

So I read this:

and I read this:

Read them both. Sounds pretty simple to me.

Lela Lee starts Angry Asian Girls, Angry Reader of month, ‘Stay Angry’.

Phil inspired starts Angry Asian Man, has Angry reader of month, ‘stay angry’.

We’ve all had this happen before, or at least something similar.

We are inspired by something or someone is inspired by us and then jack our screen name we thought we made up.

Anyhoo, all fun and games, no biggie. Flattery if anything that someone likes the name that much.

But Angry Asian Man gets bigger, growing, shirts, possible tv shows etc etc, files for trademark. trademark office plays The Price is right losing song. Sorry, too similar to Angry Little Asian Girls. do not pass go, try again.

we heard this story before. michelle phan uses copyright music. nobody cares. starts blowing up. record companies say ‘do not pass go’. this is what happens when you blow up. if anything its a good sign you are moving up. if nobody cares that means you’re really not going anywhere (neaato cough).

so there you have it. pretty simple stuff. if you ever watched coming to america, you would remember MACdowells, and McDonalds lol.


‘but they are diff! we know them apart!’

trademark office don’t care what you think.

anyhoo. that’s basically it. on daily basis i read angry asian man posts more than little angry asian girls. but that’s lela’s point. MacDowell’s starting to make more than McDonalds, what do you think McDonalds is gonna do next?

I did find this part funny on angry asian man site:
“(Honestly, do you know what silly reason compelled me to apply for the trademark? Tumblr. Somebody has been squatting on the user name “angryasianman” on Tumblr for several years. When I inquired with some folks up top at Tumblr, I was told they couldn’t do anything about it, unless the user in question was violating an existing trademark. It’s not like I was really dying to get on Tumblr. I just wanted the option available.)

So I apply. Five months later, I hear back from the USPTO. My trademark application for “Angry Asian Man” has been rejected on the grounds that it is too similar to an existing trademark: “Angry Little Asian Girl.”

>>>wait. somebody was ‘squatting on angryasianman name’? sounds like same argument lela was having. he was pissed someone used angry asian name? isn’t that why lela pissed? and then you scroll down and read ‘stay angry’. the same thing lela said she writes (sounds pretty common if thats your sn but still). anyhoo, silly business.

i still read both and fans of both actually. but trademark is trademark. anyhoo, i’m getting hangry.  off to eat a McDowells Big Mack Daddy and MacNuggies. 2015-2-18 0 43 19 angrybanner1000_lelalee

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